Don’t Forget About The iOS 4.1 Daylight Savings Bug!


For those prepping their daily alarms, don’t forget about the Daylight Savings bug in iOS 4.1.

For those that are unaware, the Daylight Savings Time bug in iOS 4.0 and later will cause any repeating alarms to go off an hour later tomorrow.

Apple has publicly acknowledged the bug via a support document and a fix has been promised with the iOS 4.2 update due very soon this month.

To avoid the alarm bug, set any alarm intervals to Never in order to set a one-time alarm to avoid sleeping in.

After November 7th, 2010, you can set your alarms to repeat again.


  • jdinner

    It does not go off at all. Delete all alarms and re-input them.

  • R Jmcconnell

    I’m running 4.0.1 my time wen t back last night and alarm went off at the proper time working fine for me

  • Gs820012000

    My time went back twice now my clock is a hour behind

  • ReyT

    The alarms actually went off 1 hour later!

  • Aloombox

    I have had no problems. My alarm went off at the right time.