iOS 4.3 To Be Available On February 14, 2011?


Today, MacStories reports that it has heard from a “reliable source” that Apple is planning a February 14, 2011 public release for iOS 4.3 at 10AM PST.

According to several reports surfaced earlier this week, Apple is targeting a release of the next major iOS update, version 4.3, in two weeks. We just got word from a reliable source that iOS 4.3 should be available on February 14th at 10 AM PST.

There have been a few rumors pointing to an iOS 4.3 release in the next two weeks. Such examples include claims from various reviewers indicating that AT&T will have iOS 4.3 on February 13 to compete with Verizon.

Considering February 13 is a Sunday, it is an odd day for a firmware release. February 14 however is a Monday, and is much more likely.

I know I would just love a February 14th release day :). Thoughts?



  • Delilah

    The ****ing unlock better be released the same day as well..

  • Anonymous

    Apple loves us all!

    Feb 14th for sure lol

  • Cp

    I hope there are no alarm clock issues that come up on this update.

  • wstoneman

    Maybe you should start working at it then…

  • Anonymous

    It’s not up to jailbreakers to provide you with efficent service. Some people are so ungrateful. You think you can crack software so easily you go create your own jailbreak, without screwing up the base band and everything else.

  • i know apple… they’ll launch it on feb 30th 😛

  • Jdutch

    hiuk hiuk hiuk…