Sn0wbreeze iOS 4 Windows Jailbreak for iPhone 3G/3GS Released

The iPhone Dev Team released PwnageTool 4.01 the day after iOS 4 was released. This Mac-only jailbreak tool works for the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS (old bootrom), and iPod Touch 2G by creating a custom firmware to install.

What about Windows users wanting to jailbreak iOS 4 with the same devices? The answer is with Sn0wbreeze, which has been updated and released by the efforts of iH8sn0w. If you have used Spirit to previously jailbreak your devices, stay away from Sn0wbreeze. Those with the new bootrom looking to jailbreak iOS 4 will have to continue to wait patiently.

As always, it is at your own risk to attempt the use of these tools. Please research diligently and backup your iPhone before proceeding.

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  • Not sure I quite trust ih8snow with a jailbreak.

  • Grevs

    “Those with the new bootrom looking to jailbreak iOS 4 will have to continue to wait patiently.”

    waiting ever so patiently

  • roadcarver

    I used redsnow (Windows) on a 3G previously jailbroke nwith Blackra1n. It works like a charm.

  • So if you did use Spirit, are you essentially boned for good?

  • ColinZeal

    so, I had an iPhone 3GS which was jailbroken on 3.1.2. I tried to use Pwnage Tool and it fuc**d up my phone since I could not put in DFU mode, the software waits only 10 secs but mine was taking a minute to do that. So I had to restore it and upgrade to 4.0. I guess that means I have the new bootrom now and I can't jailbreak anymore, is that so?

  • Ex

    You can get into DFU without Pwnagetool. Try that

  • Jason

    i tried to use redsnow but it kept asking me (Please select the corresponding IPSW for your current firmware) and then it showed me the browse button. Where do i find that information from ??????

  • Did you download iOS 4.0 for your device and save it to the desktop (or

  • Jason

    Yes I did,

  • Jason

    I saved it on my desktop and then ran redsnow like it said which after it ran turned the 4.0 into where it says snowbreeze i-phone 3g

  • roadcarver

    Make sure you use the right redsnow ver 0.95.

  • Joshuadaub

    so which jailbreak is best to use? redsnow or snowbreeze for the ios4 on my i phone 3g ? any review on what would be the better choice ?

  • Joshuadaub

    and what is ultra snow all about …. im new to jail breaking and most peoples vids don't explain much to you about what u are doing. any help ?????

    right now i jail broke with red snow and then repoe the ultrasnow but don't know what it is really. is it just an add on to the original jail break to sup up the original jail break of red sniw????

    im just trying to understand fully what the deal is with all these different versions of jail breaks out there.

  • ColinZeal

    The problem wasn't that I couldn't enter into DFU, the problem is that PwnageTool didn't recognize the DFU mode on my phone. Now I realized that I could just have restored the custom IPSW with iTunes, but I guess it's too late, already upgraded to the 4.0 firmware through iTunes, stuck with the new bootrom. I hope it's released soon…

  • KnightFire

    Used iH8sn0w's sn0wbreeze 1.5.2 to keep my baseband (Modem FirmWare) at 04.26.08 and unlocked and jailbroke 3.1.3 on my release date 16GB iPhone 3G – no issues, no difficulties, no problems.

  • DaSandman

    Upgraded my Rogers iPhone 3G from 3.1.2 to 4.0 using sn0wbreeze and it worked fine. Please note that you have to UNSELECT the option to “Activate my phone” if you have an official SIM on an official network, otherwise you lose all phone functionality after you upgrade! I had to unselect that option, and then rejailbreak and restore and now everything is working fine.

    Apple are silly to say 3G cant have multitasking – it works fine here!

  • DaSandman

    Also custom backgrounds work fine too, no slowdown at all (simple tweak to 1 file).

    My 3G has almost all the same OS4 features as a 3GS would have (bar the bluetooth keyboard support, which I dont want anyway!) – Apple is lying when they say the 3G cant support those features, just want to force you to upgrade.

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