iPhone 4S / 5 To Launch In Canada On November 5th?


Last year when iPhone 4 was announced in June 2010, it was initially made available only in a handful of territories which unfortunately did not include Canada. When a second batch of countries was selected for iPhone 4 launch by the end of July 2010, Canada was eventually included in the list alongside Italy and some other countries. Now according to iPhoneItalia, a source has revealed that the upcoming iPhone 4S / 5 will launch in Italy as part of a ‘2nd’ batch of countries much like the iPhone 4, in early November.

Translating from the source:

A source has revealed that the next iPhone model, will arrive in Italy rather late. According to our informant, the phone will not be available for purchase in early November or, at best, toward the end of October.

The fifth day out of the iPhone in Italy may thus occur during the first week of November, probably right on November 4 as suggested by some.

So, if Apple sticks to Canada being in the ‘2nd’ group of countries alongside Italy and others once again, this rumour might allude to the Canadian iPhone 4S / 5 launch date i.e November 5, 2011. What do you think?


  • Helvetica

    I will once again be disappointed if we are delegated the 2nd batch list.  If we do get it on November 5th, then I will wait.  If we don’t get it until the end of November, then I hope the US phones are unlocked and I will jump the border and score one in NY.

  • Butlerchick

    Yep I’m with you! Americans think Canada is soooooo far away…???? Why can’t we be included in the same batch? I am certain we have a huge market!! I for one waited in line for ours to score three new iPhone 4’s on release day last summer.  I too will wait IMPATIENTLY until the beginning of November then I too will cross the border and get one in the USA. If this is true though, I’ll be sooooo mad!

  • Satch3614

    I doubt that we will be in the second phase as it was noted, the iPhone is #1pm Canada ahead of RIM and Android so it would be wise to deliver to the country which has the most suppliers and fan base. Just my 2cents.

  • Jenny

    Is there any problems with buying an unlocked phone in USA and using it in Canada?? thanks

  • Anonymous

    Yeah you’d think that they’d like to increase their marketshare in RIM’s home country too.

  • Anonymous

    Not at all. It’ll be the exact same product. The only concern I can think of is getting the warranty honoured in Canada.

  • Cake


  • Kirk

    November 4th is my bday! 😀 IF that’s true it makes for one interesting bday week for me! Nah… I probably won’t upgrade yet.. Unless apple pulls crazy stuff out of there butts and blows my mind tomorrow lol

  • Stefan Zafiratos

    warranty is fine 🙂

  • D Mpr

    Hope you guys are willing to get up at like 11 pm at night drive over and wait in front of the store at like 1 am before anyone gets there.  I just want iOS 5 to be here already I love what it does so far. They should release it on Halloween that would be sick! 

  • Theconcretemixer

    So, I’m with Telus right now and am going to switch to my first IPhone when they come out. Does that mean I have to wait more time beyond the Canadian release date to get one through Telus when they get their first shipment or will all service providers have them available on the release date OR will will it only be through the apple stores?

  • Auto Strada

    I personally don’t care when it comes out as long as it doesn’t happen during any F1 race weekends. 

  • Auto Strada


    …compared to them, we’re a TINY market.

  • Cake

    All Canadian carriers as well as the Canadian Apple store get them the same day. It’ll still be hard securing one on launch day though.

  • Anonymous

    I would hope they do a similar launch to what they did with the iPad 2 – US release followed by an international release a week or so later.

    It’s true that our market is much, much smaller then that of the US, UK, Germany and France, but that just means Apple doesn’t have to make as many for us!

  • Mitin P

    Were right across the border, why are they such pricks about keeping us delayed?

  • xxJDxx

    Will the iphone be sold unlocked in the US??

    I thought that was one area where Canada had the advantage. I also thought that was part of the reason we got a delayed launch last time. They didnt want Americans buying unlocked phones from Canada and using them on other carriers…

  • Anonymous

    The only concern I can think of is getting an unlocked iPhone in the USA

  • Ex

    I think iPhones are available unlocked in the USA now.

  • Sb 002

    Official on, iPhone 4s preorder October 7th, release date October 14th, however so far only showing as full phone at $649. hope this helps 🙂