Foxconn Hiring As They Gear Up For iPhone 5 Production. Release in June?

In a recent post at Macotakara Blog, it was reported that Foxconn is now hiring production workers for the iPhone 5. The report suggests that Foxconn is hiring 18,000 workers, and that the next iPhone will be sold in June. This contradicts other reports that Apple would continue to follow a fall release schedule for the iPhone, like the iPhone 4S last year.

Here is the loosely translated post from Makotakara Blog:

Foxconn told iPhone 5 comes June.

In Japanese major business news “World Business Satellite (WBS)” via TV-Tokyo had a program of “Launching the Rising-Sun Display company”, Foxconn answered the reason for 18,000 hireling, “This (large hireling) is for iPhone 5 which will be sold in June”.

A June release for the iPhone 5 doesn’t really make sense to me. It seems like Apple has settled in to a release schedule that makes financial sense to the company. iPad in the spring, Macs in the summer, and iPhone/iPod in the fall. It Apple were to release a new iPhone this summer, it may upset some current adopters of the iPhone 4S, which has only been out for a few months.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Well, either way I can’t lose re: release date. I have the option of an early hardware upgrade because I’ve been a loyal customer with my provider (summer release) or I wait until the fall when my contract expires & get the new iPhone then. Unless they keep the current form factor, then, adiós Apple………hello more screen real estate competitors!

  • Anon

    BS news as usual. iPhone 5 will be released in the fall.

  • CMfly

    The only reason they released the 4s in the fall was because siri development was behind schedule. Wouldn’t it make sense to get back to the July schedule they were on before the software delay? I mean last year all the hardware was ready to go at that time it was just the software lagging.

  • CMfly

    And by July I mean June…

  • 1His_Nibs1

    C’mon June release! lol