iPhone 5 Photos Surface of Possible Test Device


Some new pictures have surfaced of what is claiming to be a the iPhone 5. They say that this is a “pre-release test sample”, and that is why it doesn’t look too polished. This device strikes quite a resemblance to previous “leaked” iPhone 5 parts. It is hard to say if this adds some legitimacy to the previous leaked parts, or if this is a fake, just copying the other fakes.

This apparent test device does continue the rumour of a larger screen, longer design, new earphone jack location, and the all new dock connector. This looks pretty rough though, and is obviously no where close to being ready for release.

I really have mixed feelings about this apparent new design. The fact is that, aesthetically, it’s not really all that new. Sure it looks a bit bigger, but if it wasn’t side by side with the current iPhone, you would think it is an iPhone 4/4S. The new dock connector will be unsettling for many people who have multiple chargers, docks, etc, with the old connector. Some stereo systems and some vehicles come with an iPhone dock built in, using the current 30 pin connector. Apple will surely have to release some kind of adaptor at the same time the new iPhone is launched. Possibly even include it in the box.

What’s your opinion? Are you more convinced this design is real, or more convinced this design is fake?


  • djepsilon

    Remember last year when the tear drop design was a sure thing? So much so that cases even arrived in North America that supported said design? I seriously think that this is what’s happening here again. That, paired with Tim’s comments about “doubling down on secrecy”, I just can’t believe this is what the next gen iPhone will look like.

  • Is the screen wider

  • Frankie

    Apple is so careful about details that even their test units are made like production stock. This is too rough looking. The previous leaked parts were much more polished. Maybe it’s an imitation made from the previous leak. also, the dock connector looks like a hole. I’d say this is a fake or a bad copy. But it’s a non working unit.

  • I’m confused about the smaller dock connector rumor. There seems to be a lot of proof for it, but I can’t think of why Apple would change something that isn’t broken. Sure it can be smaller, but there are so many legacy accessories out there (even cars, as you mentioned) that unless they have to change it, I don’t see why they would.

    Like the new MagSafe port on the Retina MacBookPro, they had to change it because the old one was too thick to fit on the side of the new design.

    This makes me wonder; if there are a number of rumors that Apple is changing the size of the dock connector, then perhaps they’re planning on a new design that needs to have a different sized dock connector for some reason. I don’t see this being it.

  • K3

    When is the actual product rumoured to be revealed? I’ve heard in the next 3 weeks but can’t find any information supporting it.

  • Will most likely be out in the fall. Same as last year.

  • J

    I call bs on this so called test unit. It looks like shit and I doubt even apple test products are made to look like shit…..just saying

  • Kirk

    I don’t believe this at all for many of the reasons people say below and that fact that having the earphone jack at the bottom destroys the connectivity of the device to every current device out now and it looks stupid. They had the headphones at the bottom on the old first gen iPod and then changed it. Why would they go back?

  • The headphone jack has always been on the bottom of the iPod Touch. It makes sense to me to have all the cords coming out of the same end of the device. When I put my iPhone in my pocket, the bottom faces up. Would be nice to have the earphone jack on the bottom, I think.

  • Omac


  • Kirk

    I should correct myself. They “changed it” with the iPhone I mean. I still don’t know. It is really a preference thing. To me it is not right. But who knows maybe it is because I’m use to it

  • Oh poor you. Have to buy adapters or new accessories for a new phone. Maybe you should just stick with your iPhone 4 buddy.
    quit whining, you sound like a little bitch. Let me guess? You’ll be one of those guys who says ‘I won’t get a new iPhone because of this change’ (lol yeah right little baby) & I am scared of change and technology being the very thing we all want to get better which usu means ‘smaller!’
    All but I feel for you five years with the same design and now you cannot use your iPhone dock LOL grow the fuck up

  • Don’t believe the hype. Grown men following apple like lost puppies. I am starting to become imbarrased reading all the shit us fanboys write.
    I for once feel like I am just on the bandwagon now… Rather then 5 years when I had my ip first gen and felt different. Now I feel like every 14-year-old spoiled high school girl.
    Go chase your tail for awhile & save your stupid comments for your own simple self. Toy fool

  • If you have ever listened to music for a long time and used headphones with your iPhone you would know the headphone jack switch is the best thing they have ever done if they do it. When you put your phone in your pocket it is natural for the headphones to choose the past of least resistance which would be the bottom seeing everybody puts their iPhone in their pocket lock button and volume/ silent buttons in first.
    Think before you speak to save yourself from looking foolish

  • The first smart comment I’ve read on here all night!!!
    Glad some people here actually think with their brains rather than look at that Apple, pull out their wallets and become know it alls and fucking idiots.
    I am starting to get embarrassed being grouped with the apple believing anything fans, who have lost the power to be intelligent and think for themselves, never question the lies that appear before them. Like love ignorance is also blind Apple freak Fox

  • Like I said you are talking without thinking. It’s shameful that I’m grouped in the same bunch of people that buy the iPhone including you!!!!
    Start thinking and doing things for yourself I bet you you will be happier in life

  • Agree. With everything that’s going on and the security Apple is supposed to be implementing I don’t believe anything I see.

  • Actually, don’t feel sorry for me, feel sorry for the people who have docks built into their cars that won’t be compatible. That’s gonna be an expensive replacement, whereas I’ll be out less than $100.

    To be honest, I’m not sure if I’ll buy the next iPhone or not, but it won’t be because I’m mad about a new dock connector. I usually don’t upgrade my phone every year, as I like to save money with carrier subsidies. But I’ll wait until it’s released and then weigh the costs/benefits of upgrading. One of those costs will include getting dock adapters or buying new cables, but there are other factors that will likely far outweigh the dock connector issue. I’ll see how everything adds up and make a fair decision.

    I find it kinda funny that you chose to troll on my post when I didn’t actually mention anywhere that I was mad or unhappy about the idea of a smaller dock connector, just that I didn’t think it made sense from Apple’s point-of-view.

  • I agree. I’d love for the headphone dock to be on the bottom. I think it makes much more sense that way, for the reason you explained. I liked it on the first gen iPod touch I had for a while, and it actually felt a little weird when I got my first iPhone and the headphone jack was on the “wrong end“ of the device.

    It’s interesting what we get used to, to the point where anything else feels wrong. Now I’m used to it being on the top and I do a double-take when someone’s listening to music on an iPod touch because it looks wrong. That being said, I’d welcome the switch if they decide to do it and I’m sure I’d be used to it again in a week.

  • There are rumours for all sorts of dates, but they’re all just rumours, based mostly on Apple’s past habits. You won’t find any information from Apple on an announcement or release date if that’s what you’re looking for, and that’s the only information that would be reliable. They could wait until next year to release a new phone for all we know, although that wouldn’t make a ton of sense for them to do so. Fall seems to be making the most sense at the moment. Again though, that’s simply a guess.

  • Kirk

    Jesse try speak with a little more respect before throwing out blant insults. It is what people get used to. I got use to the head jack being on top so it is a preference to me. Just because u might like it one way doesn’t make me or anyone else who got use to it any different than you or anyone else. I would think before speaking. Shameful? Just because I don’t think the same way as you? Please…

  • Kirk

    I don’t put my phone in my pocket. Why? Because I don’t listen to music on my iPhone I listen to it on my iPod touch. I think the head jack at the bottom can work. Don’t get me wrong. But I don’t mind it being on the top ether.

  • I think he’s trolling. His comments don’t make much logical sense. Seems to me he’s trying to throw something insulting together in every comment just to try and elicit a reaction. Just a game for him. At least I hope he’s not like that in real life. It would be a lonely life, that’s for sure.

    It is quite ironic that he’s asking you to talk before thinking when he should definitely be the one taking that advice.

    I know what you mean about getting used to using something someway to the point where moving stuff around feels wrong. But it’s interesting how quickly you can get used to something new to the point where going back feels wrong, like the reversed scrolling in OSX Lion. (On the trackpad, mind you; reverse scrolling on mice still feels bass-ackward.)


  • Kirk

    You nailed it man! 🙂 poor Jesse. Lol

  • Jvilla

    I don’t want a bigger screen. It’s a phone for fucks sake. Make it thinner and smaller. Increase the resolution but don’t make the screen bigger just to compete with the other phones. If I want bigger, I’ll buy an iPad.

  • susanl

    Fake. No pin connections. Even looks sloppy.