Video Surfaces Of iPhone 5 Front Panel, Compared to iPhone 4S


The blog Makotakara has posted photos of what they think is the front glass panel for the upcoming iPhone 5. It fits in line with current rumours that the next iPhone will receive a new 4″, 16:9 display. Now they have posted some video of the supposed iPhone 5 front panel, in comparison to an iPhone 4S. We really get a feel for the difference in the size of the next iPhone, which actually doesn’t look too much taller.

Keep in mind, that this may not be the final design of the iPhone 5, or may not be from an iPhone at all. This is all just speculation. This front panel may look legit, but we’ll have to wait a few more months to see the final design of the next iPhone.


  • K3

    odds on aluminum earbuds with carbon fiber wrapped wires?

  • Guest

    Can’t be real! The displays and glass have been all 1 integrated piece since the 4…

  • Halopend

    While what you say is true, the parts are still made separately and then assembled later. You can go on eBay right now and buy the iPhone 4 front glass seperately from the LCD if you wanted to, even though it makes no sense since replacing one without the other is next to impossible.