White iPhone 4 Unboxing in Canada?


The white iPhone 4 has been delayed by Apple. Regardless of this delay, demand for the black iPhone 4 has still reached epic proportions with people still camping out overnight at Apple Stores. Have you been one of these sleepless souls waiting in line for your iPhone 4? What amazes me is that people are waiting in line with NO guarantee of stock in stores! Now that’s some true dedication!

Shipments from orders on have started arriving to Canadians along with iPhone 4 Bumpers. But here’s one shipment that appears to be a white iPhone 4 being unboxed in Canada.

Take a look at the video here:

Upon further inspection this is indeed possibly a fake. Look at the shoddy packaging. The lame shrink wrap. The lack of charger inside the box. Also iPhone 4 units don’t come with a SIM ejector tool with the iPhone 4. Nice try, but try again!

Update: Whoops, I thought the above video was one that I saw a couple days ago, which definitely looked more like a fake. That video did not have a charger and arrived in a yellow shrink wrapped package. The above video looks more “real”.

What do you think after watching the video? Fake or real?

Thanks to Jim for the email!


  • Jmclean Davis

    My iPhone 4 came with the SIM removal Tool.. :-S

  • Demoralize

    Um, my iPhone 4 did come with the sim ejector tool. It was wrapped in with the introductions/instructions.

  • Jkchiu11

    I am not sure if that’s the real apple version of the white iphone 4 or thats the custom made version. however i am not sure what you meant by “lack of charger” and “sim ejecting tool” because that’s what i have in my black iphone 4.

  • Phil

    I don’t think it is a fake, I got the same exact packaging and accessories in the box for my black iphone. And it really looks real to me!

  • Maltough

    Mine came with a SIM ejector tool…

  • GeorgeNico94

    defenitly not a faake. haha

    lucky son of a biiitch.

  • Barkbud

    Mine came with a SIM ejector tool.

  • Nmujica

    There is a charger in the box. And my IP4 came with a sim removal tool…

    So looks genuine to me…

    Genuinly ugly. I hate white iPhones…

  • Guest

    I see a charger in the box?

  • Wen

    first video is here

    box has at&t on it

  • Wen

    first video is here

    box has at&t on it

  • mikado63

    I had a sim removal tool in my box.
    I bought from a canadian apple store.

  • Ducatis2r

    The reason people are having such a hard time getting a phone is the same people are the ones camping out at the Apple stores buying up all the unlocked phones and selling them all on Ebay and Kijiji. It’s bullshit.

  • my iphone 4 has the sim ejector tool in the box

  • it looks real to me…

  • BM

    This iPhone has to be fake, does anyone here really think that Apple would have mistakenly sent someone a white phone instead of a black one? The white iPhone is not available for anyone to purchase.

  • Day

    I see a charger in the box, and I have heard that the black iPhone 4s come with the sim ejector tool. Can’t confirm that myself though as I don’t have one yet.

  • Tylerluke

    it looks very real to me too. If that’s a fake, it’s a pretty impressive one.

  • amadeus101

    I want this sooooooooo bad!!

  • Bdobson

    I actually blame the people who buy them more than the people who camp out and sell them. It is more their fault for being stupid enough to pay more than they have to.

  • This is fake because unlocked iPhones ordered from apple don’t come with microSims in them.

  • Everyonewantsone

    You see people wouldnt be these iphone hoarders wouldnt be buying up all units and selling them up on ebay if there was an adequate supply to meet the overwhelming demand for the phone. I mean, if the quantities werent so restricted then people would just get the phone from the apple store and they wouldnt have to restort to paying the 1000$ phone on ebay!

  • G21

    This is obviously someone that works for a cell shop or something. They have taken the housing apart and replaced it with a white housing.

    If the phone was indeed brand new, it would have came in better packaging. Also if it was indeed a white iphone why not show the receiept that will have it listed? FAIL

  • Real or fake it matters not. I had a white 3GS and loved it, but the white i4 at a quick glance always reminds me of a nintendo ds lol it looks like cheap plastic from a far. To me the real story here is the poor people still standing in line day after day. One hand I feel sorry, yet the other i don’t. If they would have ordered online they could have gotten one by now or soonish

  • Kdj

    he opened the box and put the phone down to the right of it. After he fiddles with the instructions, etc. he starts using the phone and it appears that there is already a microsim installed with service which likely means that hes opened it prior to meddle around with the phone. not a real iphone4 white

  • Ducatis2r

    Apple should be doing more to enforce the 2 per person policy – not just 2 per visit. A buddy of mine had been trying to get a phone since launch and ended up showing up at the Eaton Centre Apple store at 6 am and was third in line. The store had received 60 Iphone 4 and all 60 were sold to the first 30 people. The apple store employee told my friend that the vast majority of the people that actually got the phones that day are the same people that get them every day – then flip them on ebay or kijiji. If Apple actually wants the people that buy their products to buy them then they actually have to be able to get their hands on them without all this bullshit. Over 3 weeks after launch and it’s still almost impossible to get a damn phone. If I wasn’t so locked into using mobile me for my business I for one would be switching to a different phone

  • student21

    Definitely Real

  • Chad Kirby

    I understand that he had already opened the box before filming this video – What I dont understand is why he has left the top portion of the shrink wrap on the cover to the box.

    My guess is that he has changed a black phone with the white kit AND installed a picture/colour copy of the white iPhone box onto his black iphone box. Then to make sure that it is hard to spot how he added the box picture he left the shrink wrap on the cover of the box.

    Other than the phone being white and the box everything else should be the same between black and white.

  • Fake. This guy has posted two different versions of this video. One with a big box and another one with a smaller box. This bigger box is clearly a box he rewrapped because it clearly has his business name as a receiver( he deals with signs or something) and a supplier he deals with in Grand Rapids. (If you look carefully, there’s an address and phone number.) The supplier deals with signs and displays. The video posted on here is a re edit. It does not show him walking to the door and picking up a” package” left on his door step from Fedex. Really? Fed Ex just drops of packages of extreme value with no signature required and you happen to have a video camera running. The iphone box cover looks reprinted(remember he does signs for a living) Buddy give it up, you’ve had your 15 min of fame. The phone is wrapped in some material he deals with. Dolt.

  • What the???

    Well of course he’s opened it before….Did you listen to the video? He tells you right at the beginning that he had to jailbreak the phone in order to use it on Rogers. Man, some peoples children

  • n8

    looks real BUT why is the carrier name “Rogers” in lower case? all my iphones and friends’ iphones carrier name of rogers has been in all caps “ROGERS”

  • Here’s one of the original videos.

  • Here’s one of the original videos.

  • Don

    Try actually comprehending the video next time, said that he to jailbreak and unlock the phone in order to use it. You and the person that liked your comment need to listen.

  • Fullrange
  • Fullrange
  • RelleR

    I’d say there’s no reason not to believe this is a fake. Just some guy excited about his white iPhone 4 and a bunch of skeptics.

  • xxJDxx

    Is it just me or does the white of the phone not match the white of the home button?

    Also, something about it just looks cheaper than i picture the real thing being….

  • john

    So did mine

  • Turtle

    One of the biggest tells to me is that this guy bought it outright from somewhere, i’m assuming the states. did he get a 2 year contract? did he buy it off ebay? where does he specifiy? i think he just changed the housing on a black iphone, and made a shitty white box. the box is one of the first tells

  • Turtle

    Another thing, iphone 4s dont come with sim removal tools in USA… why did his have it?

  • Duffsurly

    Same here, got a micro sim tool with my iPhone 4, and the white iPhone 4 in the video sure looks authentic to me. Maybe there’s a leak at the factory and some white ones were released without apple knowledge. ???

  • Turtle

    if you look closely, also, he has english and french instructions in the box. this is a definite point that it is fake. he clearly specifies he had to unlock it to “use it in canada” meaning he did not buy it in canada.

  • Turtle

    third thing pointing to fake. it has a dimple above the front-facing camera and earspeaker. possibly a white plaque that goes ontop of the black. the dimple is most likely used to remove the plaque later.

  • Bumper

    there’s a website that sells white SHELL for iphone 4… I saw it like a month ago. So it’s probly just that thing. BTW i recieved my black bumper from the case program yesterday. Vancovuer here….

  • iPhone4crazy

    Looks convincing. If you look at 3:14 the glass looks flush with the metal band (antenna). To me this looks like a cover, that explains why the glass looks like the glass is as wide as the metal band, however I will be calling apple to ask.

  • Mike

    The iphone 4 in canada comes with an ejector tool, apparently not those in the US. It is made by a company called Liquidmetal technologies.

  • Gerry18

    I agree with Ducatis2r. Even though iPhones are a “die hard gadget” for all of us, the Apple store should have limited their purchase to just “1” knowing it would be a high demand product at launch. That way it just gives others who wishes to buy one a chance to snag one up if they could.

  • chzplz

    Why would he have to jailbreak it to use it on Rogers? Rogers is one of the main carriers of the iPhone in Canada, and has been since the original iPhone. This makes no sense.

  • Croy Iphone

    Dude, the white iphone 4 is out now. I had a call today telling me there was a white 16gig in stock if I wanted it. I told them I want the 32

  • IphoneVirgin

    but that is still incorrect. if it was locked yes he would have to unlock it but jailbreaking has nothing to do with what carriers the phone is capable of working with. jailbreaking just makes it so you can play around with the appearance of your phone and get apps for free that you would otherwise have to pay for!

  • IphoneVirgin

    definitely not from the states. white ones haven’t even been released in the us. they don’t even have a date set.

  • Day

    Wrong. Jailbreaking also allows you to be able to unlock your iPhone using something called ultrasn0w.

  • Demetri

    Real…and that IS what comes with all Canadian Iphones-sim removal tool included. Good for him. the Holy Grail of Iphones for now.

  • USer1

    This is easily 100% fake… if a White iPhone happened to make it out for real, it would have been A) all over the the blogs, b) it would be sitting on ebay for a very good amount of money.

    I think you’ve been had

  • Kerry

    I’ve been with Apple since the first Mac in 1984, but this iPhone 4 things has finally done it for me. It’s one thing to limit initial supply to increased demand but this is ridiculous. I live in Victoria and there are no Apple stores here. I have a list of over a dozen Rogers or multicarrier stores to call (most gave me the “best” time of day to call) and at best they get two or three phones a day and of course they are sold by the time I find out. Some places had one but they were for Bell or Telus. Some actual Rogers Wireless dealers claim they have never yet received one iPhone 4 (they still have the 3GS on display).
    If the product was “perfect” out of the box, Apple can claim bragging rights but it’s a flawed piece with ad hoc solutions supported with attitudinal corporate snobbery and indifference.
    There are Android phones that simply do more, have better cameras and are far less hassle.
    I have an iPad 3G so I don’t really surf on my 3GS anymore.
    This all said, I probably will buy an iPhone 4 but only when I can walk into a store that’s convenient for me and ask for one. Meanwhile, my 3GS runs iOS4 fine, is jailbroken, and is perfectly acceptable for me right now.

  • ChrisErskine

    you guys bitch about absolute shit
    who gives a fuck use your house phone
    going from a 3g to a 3gs to a 4 its the same shit

    its a free country you can do pretty much anything within the legal limits
    but seriously stop bitching its just a phone

    walk in walk out with or without the fucking “phone”

  • One lucky dude

    Like many, I have repeatedly visited Fido and Apple retail stores hoping to be lucky enough pick up an Iphone 4. Needless to say I was turned away each time. Today a very consumer savvy friend calls me at work and says she has found a phone at Costco. She just started calling all Costco’s in the lower mainland (I live in Vancouver) and turns out they had one at the Port Coquitlam store. Apparently not many people are aware that Costco sells Iphones. I’m a Fido customer and they even let me use my Fido Dollars for the purchase. Give it a shot, you might get lucky.

  • Mitchell R.

    I don’t think you’re on the right website Chris,,,

  • Mitchell R.

    I was on the waiting list at my nearest Bell store for my iPhone 4 since about July 20th and was 4th on the list, My iPhone wasn’t ready by August 10th so I decided to go with Telus since the plans are cheaper. I jumped on another waiting list for a Telus iPhone at a Kelcom store nearby and was about 30th in line. On August 18th, the Bell store called me to tell me that my iPhone was ready for me to pick up but I wanted to wait the extra few days or weeks for the cheaper Telus iPhone. The very next morning Kelcom called me to tell me that my iPhone 4 was available for pick up. I’ve had my iPhone 4 for a couple days and believe me, it’s BY FAR the best piece of technology I have ever used. It looks so gorgeous when it’s just laying their in your hand! The phone is well worth the wait so just stick in there and remember, Blackberrys are for losers!

  • Fg

    I live in London, Ontario. A guy about an hour north of me posted an ad on Kijiji selling the white iPhone 4. I replied out of pure curiosity, as I am quite content with my black iPhone 4. He ordered five of them from a supplier in China, and was selling them for $1500 each. He posted pretty legitimate pictures too. He had sold 3 by the time he replied to me.

  • Guest

    Just checked, the ad is still there!

  • Onne2slick

    Wait I don’t get it. How is it possible that they got a white iphone in Canada or anywhere? I thought it was not released?

  • Terry

    Here are the original videos of the person doing the unboxing.

    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    That looks pretty damn real to me lol

  • Terry

    Here are the original videos of the person doing the unboxing.

    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    That looks pretty damn real to me lol

  • Matt K

    I agree. 2 per person is ridiculous when you are having trouble meeting demand as it is.

  • Mac

    I don’t know why people are lining up still I ordered mine from bell a week ago and it came in two or three days. As for the video it looks real but if it hasn’t been realized in the us yet there’s a very low chance of it being real. You can do some crazy stuff with Photoshop.

  • Turtle

    Obviously… that’s what I’m saying sounds off

  • Ruffdeezy


  • Ruffdeezy

    because it is for at&t

  • USer1

    Of course he could get them from a supplier in China, they were probably defective white models that someone took home. Post hi res pics of the thing, maybe a shot of the back of the box that lists the model type and a video of it in the dark (the reason why apple is delaying it, is because of light leaking out from the sides)

  • Accordtr

    Fake, see eBay. There are lots of people making these. You can order all the OEM replacement pieces to build one. I just checked and there are about 10-15 of these custom ones for sale.

  • Ackryte

    He bought it in the USA or somewhere else bc he mentioned in the beginning the he needed to unlock the phone. But it’s legit. Just not bought in Canada

  • Hongbawa

    This is fake. You can buy full white repiclas of the white case online but they don’t have the metal diffuser for the led flash on the back so the the light bleeds into the case like in this video. You can see the bright led shining into the case.

  • invincibleparm

    I live in Vic too and I feel your pain. All these people talk about getting on waiting lists and stuff, and I’ve been told by all dealers that they aren’t taking the,. Rogers had about 21 of them last friday, and then i went in before work and they were like ‘nope, didn’t get any’ while some guy waswalking out with one in a box. I finally gave up and ordered it from the apple website.

  • Ahmed

    I bought 2 iPhone 4s from canada and they both came with a sim ejector tool

  • heavymetalLew

    where are you located? in im ottawa

  • heavymetalLew

    my 3g reads “Fido” not in caps

  • Brad

    I want the White iPhone 4, No scratch that I NEED the white iPhone 4.
    So sexy, My buddy got his a few days ago but he had to drive to the states and buy it full price, When he came back to Ottawa he got someone to unlock it for $50 lol.
    Can’t wait to see these for sale up here.

  • FG
  • Underwood
  • Lsh_75

    anyone can tell me how to get this white iphone 4?

  • Cass

    This Comment mentions that demand is in Epic Proportions which is a huge croc. The Bell Store I go to received
    10 phones on July 30 when the Launch began. It is now Aug 24th and they still haven’t received one phone since.
    Im upset seeing all the hype about the great demand but there are no phones. The same people lining up for phones today are the same people that lined up for them on launch day because THERE ARE NO PHONES.

  • Cass

    Hell I think Apple should just send Canada some phones already. Its just ridicules. It was a pathetic launch and a huge let down. Ive had a deposit down for a month and still cant get one.

  • Mycal24

    I tried checking online and ordered it thinking I’ll get it by September/October and got my iPhone 4 the week after the launch in Canada. I downloaded the app for the bumper and got that the following week. And yeah, there is a SIM removal tool in the box. The video looks legit.

  • Mitchell’s Dad!