Translink Next Bus Beta Tracks Your Bus in Real Time


Translink here in Vancouver has added a new feature to its mobile website to track your bus in real time. ‘Next Bus Beta’ requires you to plug in your bus stop number and afterwards you’ll be able to see your bus moving on a map as you refresh the page, with updates every two minutes.

This beta has been in testing since September, utilizing the GPS units in each bus. Not all buses update at the same time since each bus has its own clock.

This comes as a widely applauded new service as the company has allowed its iPhone app to deteriorate. You can check out Next Bus Beta by visiting:


For those back east in Toronto, check out Go Transit launched last week.

Have you been using Next Bus Beta?

[via The Buzzer via @dezumondo]


  • is there one for the mtl area?

  • Anonymous

    See, this is what we in Ottawa wanted, realtime tracking on a map. But no, we have to send a text with stop and route number. And the results don’t say if it’s real-time or scheduled–I’ve had results that were blatantly wrong, the text reply said it’d be there in 10 minutes. After those 10 minutes it just changed to say the next scheduled time. The bus came 5 minutes late.

    At least with the Vancouver system you can tell if it’s tracking real-time (okay, up to 2 minutes delay), or just repeating the scheduled time.

  • Noah Fang

    This is a good improvement we’d like to see. Good job, translink. 

    But could you update the app, instead of just a director to all your web app…….

  • Guest613

    i completely agree with hub2! we totally need this in ottawa! how many times have i arrived early for the bus and it never actually comes, then i end up being late for work eventhough i left like 2 hours early. ridiculous, come on octranspo, get off ur lazy ass and add this feature nowwwww

  • Tsuga

    I use this all the time, it’s very handy
    Much better improvementt than the app

  • Frank

    There’s already one for laval, check out the STL app. It’s great to know when your bus is coming in real time

  • Anonymous

    Well, you are not alone. The rapid transit system only exist in city of Vancouver, unfortunately, and it’s not fair while the system is being paid by all BC tax payers. I live in Surrey and you can never rely on bus. You have to wait at least 15 minutes on the busiest route at the rush hour and sometimes you don’t see the bus in 30 minutes or the bus won’t even stop for you at all.

    Sorry, sort of off topic. Just a little complain.