iPhone 4 Home Button Not Working? Fix it With iOS 5 GM


Update 1: If Personal Hotspot fails to work after upgrading to iOS 5 GM, go to Settings and ‘Reset Network Settings’. It worked for @larrylarry.

During the introduction of iOS 5 beta for developers, a few betas in people started to notice their Home buttons to stop working, or requiring more than just one press to function properly. People even had their iPhone 4s replaced at Apple Stores, believing this was a hardware issue. Many people rushed in before the end of their 1 year warranty to get phones replaced.

How to Fix your ‘Broken’ iPhone Home Button

Well, it appears it wasn’t a hardware issue at all. As reported by our tipsters, iOS 5 GM (released to developers today) fixes the Home button issue completely. So if you’re having issues with your Home button, install iOS 5 GM and your button issues will disappear.


  • I figured it was software related since my home button has been acting up lately.

  • Can anyone post a link to a download of the iOS 5 GM seed? My UDID is registered, I just need the file.

  • Sorry, that won’t be posted here. Google is your friend.

  • Fixed mine 🙂

    Noticed when I installed beta 1 home button was not very responsive, sometimes the only way to get it to work was to swipe the screen anyway, then hit the home button…. thought it was hardware related at first, so I was a little rough on the poor home button, glad I didn’t break it, lol

  • Bernard

    cool! really cool! :O

  • Brian

    My home button has been acting up too.  I’m on jailbroken 4.3.3 though, not iOS 5. A friend of mine didn’t jailbreak and was just on regular 4.whatever and has the same issue. Both iP4. So… is this a software issue as well, fixed by iOS 5?

  • geeboob

    well, GM installed and guess what??? home button still unresponsive at times

  • Branks

    Thanks for the FYI! Was worried my 4 was crumbling as a result of the 4G

  • Aaaa

    My home button still sucks on GM

  • Starting to see the problem reappear

  • Ex

    lol. Software to fix hardware. Okay.


  • Jgourd

    Yup, Installed iOS5 production release and the button is still wonky.

  • Village40

    iOS 5 is the update that started my home button working poorly. Up until the update, it was fine.

  • Ejhamel

    I blasted the connector receptical on the bottom with a quick burst of compressed air . It works like new (the switch was clogged with pocket lint).

  • Erin

    Home button still works extremely intermittently even with update installed.

  • Slsd00041

    bull shiet, installing ios 5 not only craps out your hotspoting, but it does not fix the home botton. 
    When I was running 4.5.5 hotspotting was super fast, now with 5.0 it takes forever, I have to use the USB method.