Rogers Discontinues the 16GB iPhone 4


An internal note on Rogers’ retention systems page reveals the 16GB iPhone 4 has been discontinued. The iPhone 4 is now solely availably in 8GB capacities only.

Leading up to the iPhone 4S announcement, Telus dropped its 16GB iPhone 4 prices to $99 on contract, with other carriers following suit afterwards.

Apple slashed prices on the iPhone 4 to $99 for 8GB models on contract. All of the ‘Big 3’ carriers have followed suit in reducing prices, and resellers such as Future Shop have offered the device free on contract. If you’re hoping to snag a 16GB iPhone 4, good luck, as units are dwindling fast or are already gone.

[Thanks Technapedia!]


  • John

    There is no 8gb iPhone 4. I think what you mean is that the 32gb version is being discontinued and only the 16 is available?


    There is an 8GB version. He is correct that the 16GB version is being discontinued.

  • Dennis C

    wake up JOHN….you SNAPPERHEAD there IS an 8gig version!!!!! sheeeesh and you call yourself a fanboy!

  • Anonymous

    All existing 16gb and 32gb black and white models will be discontinued and only 8gb in black and white will be sold.

  • iphone5

    yeah you  are right..wierd ..8 gigs sheeesh

  • John

    Oh that is weird. They created an 8gb version just to release with the iPhone 4S. Because there never was an 8gb version before.

  • Dennis C

    Go back to sleep John…zzzzzz, thanks for comming out though, dont call us we’ll call you!

  • John


  • The situation has been clarified, but let’s not drag John into the shark tank. Thanks everyone.

  • Kraken

    So if my iPhone 4 32GB goes kaput, it will be replaced with a 4S 32GB?