Samsung Copies Again, Introduces Its Own Version Of iTunes Store


Samsung iTunes store

Here we go again as Samsung, the Korean copycat giant, introduces its own version of Apple’s iTunes Store. According to Patently Apple, Samsung’s version of iTunes Store is called Samsung Content & Services, which will provide one-stop contents and service that can be accessed through Samsung’s Smartphone, Smart Pad and Smart TV devices. Looks like Samsung hasn’t learnt anything yet has it?

Samsung store

The report also highlights that Samsung has been bombarding game developers with money to create a “Tizen OS” ecosystem, and wants to have the top 100 iPhone and Android games ready for it by June 2013. Currently, its new portal offers a number of services such as ChatON and lists a number of Hubs for reading, learning, videos, gaming and more.

Yet the most interesting of all of their services and/or apps may be the one that Samsung calls Kies (keys) that carries an iTunes Store-like interface for music, apps and contacts. The kicker here is that they actually offer Kies as an OS X (10.5 or later) download.

Well, I guess Patently Apple has summed up the Samsung’s “masterpiece of true innovation” for us all:

“Now that Judge Koh halved Apple’s win against their copycat aggressor, we’re bound to see the level of mirroring Apple’s innovations dramatically escalate over at Samsung because the benefits of copying Apple far outweigh the punishment of doing so”.


  • iqzombies

    Well, it seems US court supports this kind of practice. What can you say?

  • copycat? what in the world. its a store for music and apps, it doesnt take a geinus to come up with such idea, its simply a place to get content from a single place to all your devices… This isnt copy cat. apple didn’t invent the concept of itunes, they tweaked stuff that already existed. its just like saying linux copied windows for inventing a operating system with a strat menu and folders…

    thats pushing the bar calling copy cat a prorgram like this.

  • antisamsung

    samsung needs to come up with their own ideas not just copy them

  • FragilityG4

    Samsung doesn’t really have a clean track record to support your argument, despite it being sound.

  • FragilityG4 is garbage

    does it matter? nub

  • FragilityG4

    Perception is everything my friend.

    For example, your inability to be creative and make an original name. Not to mention your childish attempt of an attack on me through said name.
    Another example is your insecurity to register to Disqus and effectively comment anonymously thus not being accountable for your comments.
    I guess I can’t fault you for these mishaps … I suppose I pity you …

  • NotApassiveConsumer

    Do you iPhone users really tie your ego to a consumer product? Who cares if Samsung is “copying” apple. All of apples “innovations” are licensed through other companies, or replicated if they are unable to aquire the licence or company itself. Or stolen. The steering wheel is the most efficient way of inputting information to your car, no one debates about who came up with that first. If apple is as superior as many think, than it shouldn’t matter if imitation exists, surely apple will come out on top. But seriously it’s a product, research and buy what you like/want! Don’t be blindly loyal to anything or anyone just because it’s fashionable , ever, especially a consumer product. Silly sheep.

  • Samsung Fan

    You can say Samsung is a copycat all you want but the real truth is Apple just can’t face the fact that another company can make a much better product than them no one stays on top forever there will always be someone to take your place and that someone is Samsung. Sorry apple fans that’s just the way it is.

  • WatDaPhuck

    Here we go again G4, haha!

  • intosh

    Apple copies its competitors by making a touchscreen mobile phone. I dare you to disprove this, iZealots.

  • FragilityG4

    It never ends, does it?

  • sumyunguy

    Samsung is slipping more than Apple, as Apple continues to gain market share. Apple will not stay on top for ever, but the people replacing it would more than likely be Nokia with Windows Phone rather than Samsung’s half baked implementation of everything.

  • crapplesux

    Do us a favor and stop crying a river. Then build a bridge and get over it.

  • iqzombies

    why the hell do we need copyright? you don’t care about copying because you never come up with something that is worthy being copied. You just wish everything is free to take and not giving anything to someone else.

  • Raul Companioni

    Seeing articles like this really piss me off and make me not want to come back to this site. Before you go saying that I’m an android fun; I owned iphone 3g – 4s, then apple lost me with the 5, I wanted the bigger *wider* screen, so I switched. I’m just glad that there is a choice. YOU CAN’T COPY RIGHT THE CONCEPT OF A STORE! *** ranting done ****

  • Udo Wali

    With all due respect, whoever wrote this is truly stupid beyond belief. The Samsung Hub has existed since the first Galaxy S device, this isn’t new, nor is it copying. Samsung are consistently separating themselves from Apple and took what they learned from “copying” to make a superior device. And if you’d like, I can name the countless times Apple has stolen an idea from someone, patented it, and then sued them to the ground for their own intellectual property.

  • Udo Wali

    I’m sorry, who lost 300 billion dollars in 2 months? Samsung? Nope. Who’s stock dropped from almost 700 down to 400? Samsung? Nope. Apple are just terrified that there is an aggressive competitor. Android’s market share is 65-67% while Apple’s is around 20%

  • Udo Wali

    Apple, (and I can prove this to you) have only truly had ONE completely original idea

  • AndroidFTW

    Really? Copycat? Apple has done their fair share of ‘copying’… Let’s see, like the notification bar that came with android from the beginning, get with it android is becoming the new king and apple will be like rim a couple years ago… The backup plan, rim is already a dinosaur