100 Reasons to Jailbreak Your iPhone [VIDEO]


Fellow Canadians over at Jailbreak Matrix came up with 100 reasons why you should jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It took their team of three a span of 56 days to make the following video showcasing some of the must have tweaks available from Cydia. Check it out below if you want to learn about some of the best jailbreak tweaks:


  • Troll

    whats a jailbreak?

  • Nick

    Does the girl come with the jailbreak?

  • toy lover

    Cute. And so are the apps:-) About the only reason I would jailbreak my phone is if I could easily record all my conversations. Is this possible?

  • it’s when you escape any penitentiary

  • toys forever

    getting involved with the girl could put you in a position where you would want a jailbreak

  • Can I tempt any one over to our side? our Galaxy Nexus comes jailbroken. 
    *Lays the traps* lol 😛

    Video 0:44 to 0:50. “use a winterboard theme, or a more familiar look” show’s an HTC Android Sense look heh

  • DaMan05

    wtf was the point of the girl at the end? and people claim that women who cover themselves are oppressed. i’d rather that than be a marketing sex object. pathetic.