Add Cool Unlock Animations To Your iOS Device With ‘Unlockize’ Tweak [Cydia]


A brand new customization tweak called Unlockize has just hit the Cydia store that lets you pick cool unlock animations for your jailbroken iOS device (via Modmyi). Developed by John Coates, Unlockize allows you to change the default crossfade unlock animation using a simple preferences pane in the There are 6 different animations to choose from. You also have the option to pick more than one animation at a time so that each time you unlock your device, the animations will cycle through your selection of unlock animations.

The following 6 unlock animations are currently being offered by Unlockize:

  • Fold to unlock
  • Slice to unlock
  • Fade to unlock
  • Open blinds (tall)
  • Open blinds (wide)
  • Checker to unlock

It is worth mentioning that even though the unlock animation changes, the text still says ‘slide to unlock’ since you’re basically using the same sliding gesture to unlock the device.

You can download the Unlockize tweak for $1.99 from Cydia via BigBoss repo.


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  • Me

    Does this work with intelliscreen X ?

  • Bumreaper

    they should add this to springtomize

  • Ryan Spears

    I downloaded this and played around with it for a bit. The only worth while animation is the folding animation and even then..  $1.99??

  • Crazydazyhaze

    Lockfx is much better than Lockiz. More animation effects and more control over the animation itself.