iPhone 4 Baseband 4.11.08 Unlock Update Posted By Sherif Hashim


iPhone 4 owners who rely on a software unlock via Dev Team’s ultrasn0w must know that 1.59.00 is currently the only unlockable baseband on iPhone 4. But now, baseband hacker @sherif_hashim has pushed an update (via Twitter) about his ongoing work on iPhone 4?s locked baseband firmwares which also include the baseband 4.11.08. He also mentioned about his previous exploit which didn’t work out because of some technical issues.

Here is what he had to say:

“It would be greatly appreciated NOT to post regarding iOS related issues/unlock/…etc , and for those whom are still concerned YES i am still working on the VERY TIGHT bbfw 2.10-4.11 (i m taking that personal) after my -October 2010 found- vulnerabilities failed to achieve a payload injection vector despite the huge continuos trials and work done by the legendary @MuscleNerd, the great everlasting iOS hacker and guru, keeping in mind that there was a 10 months of halt due to the Egyptian revolution 🙂 , what i meant to say is that any new achievements -IF EVER POSSIBLE- regarding this issue will be notified either by this respectable iOS hacker or by the humble myself, NO NEED to ask because it won’t make it achievable/earlier/easier. Thanks a lot for taking time to read this.”


This is great news especially for those who are stuck with baseband 4.11.08 on their iPhone 4 because unlike other basebands such as 2.10.00, 3.10.1 and 4.10.1, there is no way to unlock it right now even with the Gevey SIM.


  • Abc123

    How do I unlock 4.10.01?

  • Maverick

    Hopefully is comes sooner. Thanks for the great work!

  • Gevey Ultra Sim. Be wary that there are fakes and older (Gevey Pro) versions Gevey out there.

  • Abineesh

    use gevey sim to unlock

  • i will be waiting for this update….
    thanks in advance
    keep it up

  • Princess0617

    I hope this comes sooner than it seems. It’s killing me not to have my iPhone 4 working.

    Thanks in advance 😉

  • Ym Saravia2010

    Thanks my dude 🙂

  • Danibanani

    Thank goodness! I’m searching for an unlock like I’m looking for a cure for cancer._.

  • Nickhamdan86

    I have iphone 4 running on iOS 5.0.1 with a BB 4.10 and I have unlocked it using a regular Gevey Sim . And I am now posting this Re using my iphone 4 on iOS 5 under T-mobile network . The only firmware that can be unlocked is 3.10 and 4.10 and under . And the only BB that can’t be unlock till now is the 4.11.08
    The only problem I have with my iphone 4 is I can’t get isms and FaceTime working on Tmobile network is there any fix for that .

  • Gcaravousanos

    When are we looking to have the 4.11.08 unlock out I am stuck in lock mode someone pm me

  • ThePlata

    I really need the unlock, I got ripped of and now I have a iPhone 4 with 4.11.08 baseband

  • Anonymous

    Same deal here, 4.3.5 with 4.10.01 using a Gevey SIM.

    Trying to get it onto iOS 5.0.1 while preserving BB but using a Mac to do it, I’m getting stuck at Error 1601. Phone is fine though, hasnt updated BB, still works using Gevey on 4.3.5 BB 4.10.01.

    Either my DFU isn’t right, or the host files are pointed in the wrong direction…any advice?

  • Paultreisi

    did you get it fix?
    if you didnt what you need to do is to download tinyumbrealla then run the server while you update the phone with itunes

  • Anonymous

    Will try this out today, thanks for the input. I think this is probably what was missing…

  • Tom Dalton

    Be VERY careful.  I was on 4.10.01 with IOS 4.3.3 and unlocked it with a Gevey Ultra that I purchased from Applenberry and it worked great with T-Mobile.  I then attempted to update the IOS to 5.0.1 and thought I did all the correct steps to preserve my baseband, but it changed my baseband to 4.11.08.  Now I am stuck with a locked iPhone.

  • M Mehyar

    Iphone 4 with 5.0.1 and 04.11.08 is there any unlock for it yet

  • Jonathandickinson

    You can just jailbreak it, that will get it out of lock mode

  • Michael Thompson

    I am sorry to inform everyone about the truth behind the unlock: there will not be one until the A6 idevices are close to being released! Even if they had the unlock for either the 4s or the 4 they would not release it now. Releasing the unlock would raise prices for the 4s and 4 models thus giving the A6 idevices an even higher price to sell for; thus they would wait. It also gives Apple  a reason to continue selling their factory unlocked models. Releasing any kind of unlock now would cripple sales for Apple. All of the blogs from our “jailbreakers” and “unlockers” clearly states that there will “eventually” be an unlock, and never soon. I am very sorry if this is news to anyone. 

    PS. If you honestly think there is no connection between the timing of the MuscleNerd’s unlock and Apple releasing products, you need to wake up and say hello to reality. 

  • Twinster2000

    Thanks Mike…I truly agree with you…the so called iphone development Gods are all part of this game….it’s all about money and business…who cares about service and satisfaction in this world…!

  • piN0y

    Download official firmware ios 5.0.1 for ur idevice..

    Create a custom firmware w/o BB Update using pwnage or redsnow for mac snowbreeze for pc

    Remove cydia host server because apple is still signing blobs

    On ur mac make sure u hit alt + restore & point it to ur custom ipsw made with pwnage or redsnow

    Windows hit shift restore then point it to ur custom ipsw

    *** make sure u remove cydia server on ur host file.. else it will error 16xx ***

    hope that helps!

  • piN0y

    If it won’t work..

    Restore via Pwned DFU using redsnow or pwnage

  • Yourabitch

    No bitch………

  • Strve1010

    None sense. Apple should drop the factory unlocked phones if the hackers ever release the unlocking tool. Think about this. You wake up one day and learn that all iPhone 4 and 4s are now unlocksble… yes, for free. Low in demand and high in supplies. No everyone needs unlocked phones.

  • Ex

    Why should Apple do that? One update from Apple and the software changes. Boom, back to being locked.

  • steve1010

    Have you ever heard of preserving a baseband while upgrading the IOS? 

  • Ex

    Yes and have done so on many iPhone 3GS devices. However I find it’s more work than it’s worth when it comes to thr latest iOS version, warranties, etc.

  • Ux009

    Agreed. I have a factory unlocked 4s, but on AT&T network, so I can be on a 3G for the data. Personally I think all iPhones should be factory unlocked. I mean why bother with locking a phone to a specific carrier, when you and I are agreed on a two years contract. I should be able to take that phone to another carrier after my contract is up should I chose to do so. I know people who upgrade their phone to the latest for a subsidized price and sell it on EBay.

  • rude

    give sherif hisham 1 more month & you will see because of his location and the problems in Egypt i believe he cant focus on the work his doing  .and stop being bitter

  • Ptumasala

    hope they will make it soon( just bought a locked iphone for Dad… (

  • Dongvan66

    stuck with my new phone, hope it’s faster..

  • Hcfjc

    Bedany ya aka Shrief , Khalsa 3erefna ennak shakhseya mohemma.

    Everyone please hail the God Shrief, he wants to feel and treated as a VIP and celebrity .

    My god, u just for the contribution with dev team it was a fluc , a luck strIck the exploit log file

  • Hcfjc

    What’s this Shrief hashem problem, do arrogant and snopi , ur contribution for the dev team ultra snow exploit was a lucky strike, everyOne he needs people to acknowledge him so much as a god father, and worship him , maybe he had to change his name to Shrief ” Kardashian ” hee haa :))) wow my god… I doubt u will reach any unlock soon for the 4.11.08 u r an imposter man

  • Mosleybg

    Waiting hopefully to come soon …..

  • Sshjfhdhd

    Any chance for a soon unlock of 4.11.08? I’m stuck from 27th December with it.

  • You need Unlock for 4.11.08 BB ? Visit My site !

  •  I see you cant read..

  • Elevenminutesout

    That and if a phone is unlocked or jaibroken it voids the warranty on the phone. So may people out there will still buy the unlocked version. An on a similar but not totally related note  the cell providers would not go broke from unlocking. If you sign a contract for discounted equipment then break it you pay the rest of the phone thats what ETFs are for. To prevent people from basically stealing most of a phone.

  • dumb Michael Thompson

    Hello reality….I really dont think apple would go “cripple”…..they got new iphones for sale every year……and the old ones that ppl buy to get a unlock, yea well those were purchased from apple too, and they were probably purchased at full price…so they still made their money…so GO TO SLEEP…..U THINK TOO MUCH….UR DUMB.

  • What about React0r Unlock ?

  • Danner darsem

    In some countries like here in iraq the only way to use an iphone is unlocking we dont have any factory sims to contract with you have to understand this dont think about where you live only, no one uses credit cards here so purchasing an app is also not possible for us so jailbreaking is the soluion. Just think further than your area.

  • Shawn

    Umm the dev team does there amazing work for free they don care about money and if they were not gna release it they would say sell ur iPhone 4 dick !!!

  • Leo

    It doesn’t necessarily void the warranty mate.  Just restore the phone to factory settings before taking it to apple care and you are set. 

  • Leo

    but he can write. that is weird. 

  • Krracelee

    I hate some numeric code The 4.11.08 🙁

  • Test

    still require gevey, and smells like complete bs.

  • Test

    sun god.

  • Are you trying to say that musclenerd works for apple? to keep prices low? How fucking stupid do you sound? Apple always release’s new devices at the same price. The iphone 4S has already been unlocked. The people that jailbreak and unlock have lives outside of this, jobs, families, and whatever else. And only get paid by donations. Your stupid, stop being ignorant and thinking you know everything.

  • Your dumb as fuck too. 





  • Bigrucci77

    i thank u for all ur effort n work that u r putting into iphones to unlock them i like many r stuck on bb 4.11.08 n it sucks i cant wait till u release ur skills so we can use our iphones that have bb 4.11.08       
    i hope its soon much whenever it is i know ill b happy with ur work 

  • Wasup43

    I still didn’t find any unlock software for baseband 4.11.08

  • YourAnIdiot

    Ron Sylvestre you are a dumb motherfucker. None of what you said is even remotely relevant. Your grammar is poor, your logic is beyond ridiculous, and your accusations are far from the truth. I don’t even know what to say to prove you wron because none of what you said even makes sense!

  • Sam

    It is interesting who will be the first – R-sim dev team or Sherif Hashim?

  • Sean V

    People if you’re with at&t & your 2 year contract is done, you can factory unlock it fir free with at&t! Simply call them & give your IMEI & they will email you when to restore with itunes. I’ve done it with my iphone 4 ios5.0.1 BB 4.11.08. Now running 5.1 BB 4.12.01 FACTORY UNLOCKED. Obviously, it’s not for everyone. But if you are eligible, your wait is over!

  • Sean V

    Actually with at&t, you can do it now. Just call customer service & give your IMEI. As long as your 2 yr contract is done, they will factory unlock your iphone for free. I’m glad i called them. Now using my iphone
    4 again! Google it & you’ll see. Better yet, call at&t and unlock your iphone!

  • Sean V

    Is your phone locked with at&t? Is your 2 yr contract finished? If so, call customer service & you can factory unlock for free. This started last april 8, 2012. If you’re still in your contract, then NO. Unfortunately, still no unlock for it.

  • Shoaib ali

    unlock iphone 4 on baseband 4.11.08 on any ios any carries for furhter details contact me @97ff574741898185a77aa79019747984:disqus  shoaib1_Ali at hotmail

  • I’m sure he can read, it’s just that he doesn’t comprehend.

  • fuck off, this doesn’t work.

  • Fadicheaib

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