iPhone 4S Jailbreak Release Imminent But Needs Fixes Before Release


The iPhone 4S jailbreak is currently being worked on for a release by @pod2g and his hacker ‘dream team’. So far, we have seen teasers of the A5 jailbreak as images of jailbroken iPad 2 units have been posted by online by @pod2g and @planetbeing.

Now, @p0sixninja from the Chronic Dev Team has tweeted another hint that the iPhone 4S release is imminent:

not much longer now

More evidence of an imminent release comes form @xvolks (behind the xBooks iBooks fix), the hacker that helped fix iBooks. He noted the following today on his blog:

PS : I saw the jailbreak tool for 4s and iPad 2 on OSX today, it’s pretty cool, but needs some fixes before release.

Stay tuned folks, it should be anytime now for the iPhone 4S jailbreak.


  • Unknown


  • Anonymous

    Yessssssss,great work guys!!!!!!!!

  • Maverick

    Awesome team!!



  • Frankie

    Now everybody keep your fingers crossed, Apple doesn’t release 5.1 before our boys get the jailbreak out the door.

  • Matt

    Why? It doesn’t matter…. We aren’t forced to update.

  • T-Bone

    So people like my sister who refuses to update until I’m there to jailbreak for her, or me who refuses to update my jailbroken iPad 2.  Thats Why. 

  • Frankie

    Let us all knock on wood and sit tight.