iPhone 4S Has Been Jailbroken by MuscleNerd [Screenshots]


MuscleNerd from The iPhone Dev Team has just tweeted out an image that proves a preliminary iPhone 4S jailbreak exists. Don’t take this picture as proof a public jailbreak is coming anytime soon. He notes there are still ‘huge missing pieces’ that prevents a release along with ‘lots of work left’.

We previously questioned the need for an iPhone 4S jailbreak. Who’s craving a jailbroken iPhone 4S? I miss SBSettings and My3G. That’s about it.


  • Anomily

    Expect a month or so for the tethered version, and another month or so for the untethered.

  • Nick

    Thanks for the update.. I use tons of jailbroken apps and can’t wait to get them running again

  • Oh boy, can’t wait. Looking forward to being able to Facetime over 3G and the widget in the Notification Centre to turn on/off features (Wifi, bluetooth, etc) would be great.

  • Usman

    Check this out:

    MuscleNerd Jailbreaks iOS 5 On iPad 2 With Newsstand Support [VIDEO DEMO]

  • Wuju

    Ability to turn of 3G, it drains about 15% over night on stand by.  Ridiculous

  • Anonymous


  • Mark Morissette

    My3G is a big missing link for me as well…I have a 6gig/Month data plan so there’s no need for frugal usage a lot of the time.   Facetime over 3G is also another huge thing for me, especially now that my wife has my old iP4 and we could use Facetime to completely avoid long distance fees.

  • Djelimon17

    Enhanced folders, sbsettings, my3g, multi drag and drop, iFile, SSH. They did a good job with the notification messaging thing.

    But it’s not just about the old apps, it’s the potential for exploiting the new hardware and tweaking the new OS etc.

    Jailbreak software lets you get tomorrow’s  iOS today, and some things you just can’t do in vanilla iOS

  • Anonymous

    That is extremely accurate! Exactly why people jailbreak (other than those pirates). Personally I will jailbreak because of the apps I bought through cydia. I need my display recorder back!

    Any info on the untethered iOS 5?

  • Dawebman

    “We previously questioned the need for an iPhone 4S jailbreak. Who’s craving a jailbroken iPhone 4S? I miss SBSettings and My3G. That’s about it.”

    All these new features we have seen on iOS 5 have been influenced by the jailbreaking community. Who knows if iOS 5 would have even been any good without the iPhone Dev Team!

  • Jingwenw

    not worth the trouble if it is tethered. The only thing I really miss from IOS 5 is the remove background jobs capability to free up memory. Everything else is optional. With all the constraints of jailbreaking — extra battery consumption, occasional stability issues, etc., I started to give up my jailbreak. I upgraded my iPhone 4 without Jailbreaking. I don’t seem to feel that much inconvenience except the remove background feature.

  • Frazer

    Totally. I agree 100%

  • Ruffdeezy

    Just use Skype instead of FaceTime. Does the exact same thing.

  • Ruffdeezy

    Just use Skype instead of FaceTime.

  • Kusanagi

    Are you really serious?! Do we “need” a jailbreak? HELL YES!! I was so spoiled by the themes that the plain vanilla iPhone interface is killing me… BOOORING. Also:

    – no SBSettings
    – no my3G
    – no Infini folders
    – no iFile
    – no BiteSMS

    = sad & frustrated iPhone user

  • Anonymous

    how do we know that that pic isnt an Iphone 4 with Siri enabled 😛 (as per previous post)

  • SayWhat?

    iOS 5 is a HUGE disappointment.  

    Other than Siri, which I barely use, there is nothing innovative.  As far as aesthetics, looks the same as it did 4 years ago.  My 4S is useless without a Jailbreak.  Thank god I still have my jailbroken i4.

  • SayWhat?

    It’s going to be MORE than a month by the looks of it.  They have a LONG way to go.  More likely a tethered version near Christmas (or sometime in January), and untethered a month afterwards.

  • SayWhat?

    Apple would get MORE iPhone 4S sales if they made it open for Jailbreaking.  Many are holding back just because there is no Jailbreak out yet for the 4S.