Evad3rs Jailbreak Weather App Crash Fix Now in Cydia [Update]


If you are one of the 4 million+ jailbreakers who set your iDevice free, then you know that the hack triggered the crash of the Weather app, and in some instances also caused the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch reboot to take longer (reboots getting stuck).

But that’s all over now my fellow jailbreakers! As promised, the hackers have issued an update and pushed through the Cydia store for both jailbreak issues. If you haven’t checked yet, you should check your iDevice right now, as you’ll see two notifications about some updates.

photo 1

One of them is the UIKit Tools update to version 1.1.6, which will make your Weather app perform as usual. Hit “Modify” and then Upgrade. You’ll be prompted to reboot your device afterwards.

photo 2

The second update is coming from Evasi0n Untether. Version 0.2-3 aims to fix the long reboot problem. If you haven’t updated yet, do it now!

Update: Here are some updates from the @evad3rs team over this issue:


  • jfmartel

    Weather app now working! Thanks!

  • kmlmzhr

    Not seeing any updates. Any thoughts?

  • aamworld

    Doesn’t work for me :s … Still crashing!

  • DT

    Still crashing for me…even with reboot.

  • A commenter from our FB page said to remove appcake, then perform this upgrade, then reinstall, if this applies to anyone.

  • b

    still crashing

  • b

    No such luck

  • wuju

    Weather works. The booting still takes quite some time and long…

  • Still no luck =/ uninstalled AppSync, tried reinstalling and it still crashes!

  • Techspit Blogspot

    Updating evasi0n and UIKIT through Cydia. Now my phone is stuck at Apple logo, HELP!

  • Techspit Blogspot

    Just found it’s likely because of AppSync for iOS 6. Not compatible. I need to restore apparently now.

  • Thunder6290

    weather app is working but if I reboot my phone it keeps rebooting and some time when lucky it comes back.
    Cydia is failing to load. 🙁 .
    how to uninstall the new update?

  • Biggy604

    Simple workaround is “DO NOT Pirate APPS”, looks like the jailbreak team successfully made it so people wanting to use “Appsync” cannot go further and cannot “Pirate” their favorite apps.

  • JB

    Works fine. Rebooted – weather works.

  • same for me..