Apple Announces Mac Event for October 27 in Cupertino [u]


Apple has sent out invitations to the press to attend a Mac event next week on October 27th, at its Cupertino campus, reports Business Insider.

Below is an image of the invitation–what can you extract from the image below (via Six Colors), which has the tag line “hello again” for the event?


Yesterday, Recode and TechCrunch reported the event would be held on October 27, according to sources. As expected, those sources were correct.

Apple is expected to refresh its MacBook Pro lineup, 13-inch MacBook Air and possibly the iMac, according to Apple reporter (and former ‘leaker’) Mark Gurman from Bloomberg.

The MacBook Pro will finally see a major refresh since 2012, which will include a thinner design, larger trackpad, improved graphics cards, and a touch display instead of standard function keys above the keyboard.

As for the iMac, a new model is said to be in the pipeline, with new graphics chips from AMD.

A refreshed 13-inch MacBook Air will include USB-C port technology, bringing it in line with recent updates to the MacBook.

The event will most likely be the last one held in Apple’s Town Hall, as the company’s massive new ‘spaceship’ campus is set to have construction completed soon.

…more to follow


  • Olley
  • Haha so true!

  • Salinger

    Hallelujah! Finally!!

  • Mom

    oomfg I just got a retina macbook pro.ARRHHFGGGG

  • Joe

    What about the Mac Pro aka the trash can?

  • That tag line would indicate they might be doing a pretty big iMac update. Maybe even a new type of desktop or laptop computer? Would be really cool if they surprised us this time.

  • sully54

    apple has historically used hello to introduce a new line (the macintosh, iMac, iPhone). so maybe we can expect a new line of macs? #wishfulthinking

  • faythebest

    What are the availability guesses for the Macbook Pro in Canada? I am travelling on November the 5th and would like to get one before.

  • AEdouard

    My guess is they will be available right after the event, say Friday. If memory serves right it’s usually the case for new Macbook releases. It’s not as massive as iPhone launches so it’s much easier to let customers get them almost on the day.

    I also expect them to release the airpods at the same time.

  • faythebest

    Thanks for the info! Fingers crossed for this Thursday