Apple’s iPad Is Coming to Rogers But Not Until May


Rogers announced today on their Redboard Blog that they will be offering iPad plans. Unfortunately no other information was given. This announcement came shortly after Apple announced that the international release date for the iPad has been pushed until the end of May due to strong sales in the U.S.

How do these announcements affect your iPad buying decision? Are you more tempted to pickup a Wi-Fi only version from the U.S? Would you buy a Rogers 3G model if it was sold unlocked with a similar data plan to the U.S?
Would you sign a data contract if Rogers subsidized the price like they do on the iPhone?

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  • I am fobers

    already have an iphone so not double dipping by paying rogers more on their data plan!

  • Josh

    crap! I might have to go over the border to get one. . . . I don't want to but it is a birthday present for a friend in late April. . . . dang.

  • wargamer17

    Already have an iPhone and I mostly only use the data plan so I might get out of that contract and buy an iPad with the monthly data plan assuming the price is decent. But then again, i'll probably just wait until the next version next year.

  • oris642

    Using my iPad with a jailbroken iPhone with MyWi installed (buy it from Cydia), makes the iPhone act as a WiFi source for the iPad, best $10 I've spent, no need to buy the 3G version. I now have 6GB a month of data on my iPhone to use now also on the iPad……..

  • gtasscarlo

    why would anyone need to buy another data plan just for the ipad, just tether through my wi or pdanet which is free but havent gone the jailbreak road cus im on 3.1.3

  • Here's hoping that Rogers will introduce a reduced rate plan for existing data subscribers. Paying for two data plans would be insane.

  • I want it one of two ways – either the ability to share my current data plan ( tethering or share the bucket of data) or to sign a contract to buy a new 6 gig plan for $30 and then get the iPad at a subsidized price. The first way is my preference but I would consider the second if it meant buying the iPad for $199.

  • Personally I am moving away from contracts. I don't see Apple coming up with
    a subsidized model for the iPad.

  • Lee

    Man I wish 3.1.3 could jailbreak with no tether. I was going to get the WiFi iPad in the states next week then get the Bell MiFi just to use it with my iPad and as backup internet and when I travel. If I can do that with my iPhone data though that makes it so much easier! Can 3.1.3 be jailbroken with the tethered method or can it not jailbreak at all?

  • johnkneematrix

    MyWi app is great. I use to it connect my ThinkPad Tablet and 2 iPod Touches. I agree. It is one of my best app I ever bought for my 3GS.

  • chantellejoy

    I'm seriously hoping that when the iPad comes, and hopefully the *new* iPhone comes too, that Rogers will at least bring back the $30/6gig data plan back, that would be their best bet. Obviously in an ideal world they'd let that data be used on any device you have with them – but Rogers is not an ideal company.

  • kimierin

    i'd get the Ipad plan if it was subsidized and had a decent data plan. But its Rogers, so probably not.

  • kimierin

    i'd get the Ipad plan if it was subsidized and had a decent data plan. But its Rogers, so probably not.