AppleTV 5.0.1 Software Update Now Available


This afternoon Apple released a new software update, 5.0.1, for the second (2010) and third (2012) generation AppleTV.

The update is minor and focuses on iTunes previews, AirPlay fixes, Netflix, and overall stability.

 Apple TV Software Update 5.0.1

iTunes previews – Previews for movies and TV shows from the iTunes Store can now be viewed in HD.

AirPlay – Fixes an issue that caused some iOS apps to have trouble connecting via AirPlay.

Home Sharing – Improves the reliability of Home Sharing connections.

Netflix – Addresses an issue affecting Netflix login and navigation.

Stability and performance – Includes fixes for issues affecting stability and performance.

The update is available now and can be applied through the AppleTV by navigating to Settings > General > and Update Software.



  • DK

    Finally AirPlay fixes!

  • RaphaelNinjaTurtle

    Does it fix my pixelation of my netflix? That’s my only disappointment of ATV i have high speed internet and my netflix is like watching 240p

  • Derrrek

    Check your steaming quality setting in your netflix account through your computer. It is probably set to low (which Netflix stupidly sets it at by default). Put it at the highest setting instead and you’ll see a huge difference.

  • Ex

    I get pixellation sometimes. I have the highest video setting and around 30Mbps down Internet speed.

  • I still have terrible performance on 5 Ghz wifi bands for some reason. Streaming and AirPlay is much faster when I’m connected to 2.4 Ghz networks.

  • RaphaelNinjaTurtle

    Thanks man worked. I’ve been using a friends netflix and recently got my own completely forgot about that. Though there’s still a little pixelation but definetly a difference