iTunes 12.3 Download Released: Supports 2-Factor Authentication and More [u]


Along with iOS 9’s release this morning (well, over-the-air errors are plaguing some users), Apple has pushed out iTunes 12.3, available via the Mac App Store.

Itunes 12 3

This update says it “adds support for iOS 9 and is designed for OS X El Capitan.” Also new are the following:

  • Improves Apple Music accessibility with VoiceOver
  • Resolves a problem that prevented reordering of songs within Up Next
  • Fixes a problem where some radio stations did not appear within Recently Played
  • Addresses an issue where songs you loved on iOS did not appear loved on iTunes
  • Supports two-factor authentication to secure your Apple ID
  • This update also includes improvements to overall stability and performance

For those wondering, OS X El Capitan will be released on September 30.

Let us know how your iTunes update goes–click here to download it on its own.


  • Paul White

    Still no mention of the promised increase in iTunes Match songs to 100,000. 🙁

  • BigCat

    Very smooth update. You can tell that Apple is working hard to get everything working better. My wifi sync & backups are now working much faster.

  • DrDca

    Voice phone doesn’t work at all — badly garbled going out, no audio coming in . Apple is calling me shortly. Star numbers still can’t be voice dialed (*1130, for example) — can anyone else voice dial a *?

  • DrDca

    Voice phone now working ok after a reboot.

  • DrDca

    Voice dial issue is now escalated to a senior tech who (after 3 years) finally seems to understand the problem!! I’m supposed to hear back to 2-3 days.

  • DrDca

    A further update – it appears that #1130 works just as well as *1130, and Siri will voice dial that!! Who knew?

  • Hey guys! Are any of you missing the Apple News app after the iOS 9 update?

  • The News app is US-only, but install it with this trick

  • yamadori

    Don’t know about it being US only, it is on my iPad but not on my phone

  • Not showing up on my iPad after the iOS 9 update. Only showed up after our said instructions.

  • Biggy604

    The News app showed up on my iPhone I dont use it though, would be nice if I had the not show up on phone like you guys are getting.

  • Will

    Why didn’t you include a download link? 😐

  • Your wish is our command–added.