Microsoft: iPhone 4 Is Apple’s Windows Vista


Today during the Microsoft Partner Conference, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner had a few words about Apple’s iPhone 4 issues.

Turner took the opportunity to note that Windows Phone 7 devices should not have any issues when holding the device, as with the iPhone 4, holding the device near the bottom left corner produces wireless reception degradation.

More interestingly, Turner likened the iPhone 4 to Microsoft’s own Windows Vista. As many know, Windows Vista was a far from decent operating system and development problems with Vista helped Microsoft competitors get ahead in the operating system space.

The idea here is that with the iPhone 4 issues, this could be an opportunity for competitors (Microsoft) to get ahead with their own devices (Windows Phone 7).

“It looks like the iPhone 4 might be their Vista, and I’m okay with that,” he said. “We’re back in the game [at Microsoft], and this game is not over.”

Turner’s statements seem to indicate that Apple may have a product image crisis on their hands and a product recall or case giveaway may improve public perception of the iPhone 4.

The entire iPhone 4 versus Windows Phone 7 segment seems to have an ironic aura surrounding it, especially considering the recent Microsoft Kin (a short-lived mobile phone project from Microsoft) failure.

What do you think? Has the iPhone 4 signal issue caused a negative brand image/public perception of Apple, where competitors such as Microsoft will now get ahead?



  • Turtle

    I seriously don't think so. Anyone who has ever used a Microsoft phone can tell you that they suck. They're simply not good, it doesn't feel like a phone, it doesn't work well as a phone. They have a pretty bad reputation built up and it's going to take a whole lot of work to change people's minds. If iPhone 4 was their Vista, then what the F was Microsoft's Kin?

  • DjDATZ

    Windows ME. 😛

  • Did anyone actually find this funny?

  • MSSux

    tell him to shut up

  • Ex

    Wow. Microsoft pwned.

  • Jojo

    Now now, before all the fanboys get up in arms… take a look at the comment – he admits windows vista was somewhat of a failure and Microsoft has learned from said failure (allegedly)… I think MS has a leg up on Apple because they've admitted to their problems. Apple (Stevie J) simply tells us the problem is with God's design of our hand… I think apple deserves the flack, and there's more potential for improvement from a company like apple than others if they can admit they've made a mistake.

    Would you buy a phone that played mp3's, video, and web, but didn't work as a phone? Bottom line here is the product is called i'Phone' afterall…. take the goggles off and see it for what it is.

  • Matt

    Microsoft is not back in the game.

    503 Kins sold. Nothing more to say…

  • roadcarver

    I used a Treo 750 before and it had Windows mobile. It was slow, and it lacked apps. The problem was everyone was trying to make the phone behave like an iPhone. When I got my iPhone after selling my Treo 750, it was like night and day in terms of performance. I have not looked back since. Mind you, Spb, a developer of Winodws app had good offerings. Just the phones that had Windows Mobile kinda sucked.

    I'm debating whether the Nexus One is a good phone – perhaps, the question is, is there enough apps going for it to make it a competitive phone? The hardware is there but not enough apps for it.

  • Rossacraig

    Hey if buddy from Microsoft thinks that apple should do a recall, then maybe us suckers who bought Computers with Vista and then later bought Windows 7, then maybe we should be compensated.

    I don't think that many people are having issues and if they are then they can't be too upset about otherwise they would take back their iPhone 4 and get their money back, they do have 30 days to do so. Can't really comment on the quality of the phone since we don't have it here in Canada yet.

  • Mike

    “Has the iPhone 4 signal issue caused a negative brand image/public perception of Apple, where competitors such as Microsoft will now get ahead?”

    No. If anything, the iPhone 4 is like the Xbox 360. An upgrade from the previous revision in every regard except 1 crucial aspect. (ie. RROD)
    Meaning people will call Apple's hardware defective, but they will still buy it so long as there is enough demand for it.

  • Greg

    Jojo -some good points. At the same time, iPhone4 is nothing like Vista, apart from Apple failing to admit there's a problem. iPhone 4 – record sales since intro – even with the antenna issue known, sales haven't slacked much. Whereas Vista – slack sales at intro, and right up to 7 being launched. Vista was a lot good ideas, half-baked. iPhone 4: generally brilliant, with one glaring flaw, that for most users is a non-issue, since most iPhones seem to end up in cases anyway. Let alone the fact most users don't seem to be having the problem.

  • ryancoke

    I don't understand why everyone hates on Vista so much. I have been using Vista 64 bit from Oct/08 until present and have had LESS issues with it that XP, 2000 or 98. It's so good, I don't even care about upgrading to windows 7

  • Noahattic

    MS gave the kins up before releasing it.

    WP7 will be the real game winner. from my view of point and many reviews, hands-ons and clips, wp7 just works like charm. it combines the advantages of both iphone and android. i'm hold lots of expectation on it.

  • mackman6151

    when you sign a contract with a wireless carrier you have 30 days or 30 minutes to return it. They go by whichever happens first. most iPhone users will go through 30 minutes within a few days. Unless you never talk on your phone or average less than 1 minute per day talk time you will almost NEVER get the full 30 days for an exchange.

  • Well, I loved Vista. So…

  • “503 Kins sold” was a figure Gruber gave and he said it was no definite. He later posted an article that said his figures might have been wrong due to the large amount of Facebook “liking” on the page. Point is, it was a figure from one of his sources which even he questioned. Don't go spouting figures when they're not confirmed.

    WP7 looks to be an amazing phone and we'll see how it sells when it is released. Kin was marketed towards teenagers and MS decided the development team would be better merged with WP7 for the best of both worlds.

  • Nothing at all. Nvidia caused some crashes due to driver issues but that was really the only issues. Vista was awesome.

  • Turtle

    I do have to agree with some of this. Steve Jobs needs to get off his high horse and learn some F'ing humility