Microsoft’s Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Ad Declares “Game Over” vs MacBook Air [VIDEO]


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Microsoft yesterday released a new ad on its Windows YouTube channel to pit the new Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro versus the MacBook Air. The ad spot below touts the ‘thinness’ of the Yoga 3 Pro, plus its touchscreen capabilities which turn it into a tablet, and its ability to be propped up like a “tent” as why it’s better than the MacBook Air.

If anything, the Yoga 3 Pro should be compared against similar touchscreen hybrids that require external keyboards, not against a traditional notebook like the MacBook Air. By slamming the MacBook Air, Microsoft just gets free airtime for the Yoga 3 Pro from all the people writing about the ad (wait a minute)…

Previously, Microsoft has launched similar ads targeting the MacBook Air, as we saw back in August with this Surface Pro 3 ad.


  • artikas

    And 1 quarter from now we see a post as to how much money they’ve lost on it like their iPad killer called the surface

  • True dat

  • aaloo

    Doomed this time for sure.

  • Tim

    I use a mac myself, but I’ve known a few people who have bought this (mac users) and they actually really like it. I don’t think I’ll buy one just yet, but you have to admit that it’s undeniably versatile. Just because this has some additional features doesn’t mean it should be considered in a different category as the macbook air.

  • Tim

    I should clarify, they bought the yoga two. Apple really needs to add a hi-res screen to the air.

  • Farids

    It’s a loosing battle all the competitors have been playing, Microsoft alongside everybody else. This is the result of brilliant longterm planing by Apple: Launching iPod’s and iPhones has opened a door for the Mac product line to get into people’s homes, due to their better integration with iOS than PC platform. Apple has also slowly started gaining the ground it lost in the iOS/Android wars: Android product sales are gradually slowing(and have halted in some cases/brands) as iOS keeps breaking sales records with every product launch. With this iOS popularity, more and more people consider buying Mac desktops and notebooks to better integrate their computers and iOS mobile equipment. Add the superiority and stability of Mac OS compared to Windows platform and you get a wining plan. World domination, one device at a time 🙂

  • Skylar

    As an Air user looking to replace, the Yoga 3 is my number one candidate since the new Air hasn’t been released yet. The price + specs just destroy anything Apple is offering with the Air now. Hopefully Apple will live up to the promises they’re making with the 2015 Air.