Ballmer’s New Mission… Should He Choose to Actually Follow It


Anybody who has used Windows for more than a few days will bite their tongue when they hear Ballmer state that “you’ll find things on Windows phones that you won’t find on iPhone or Android.” That’s exactly what we are afraid of: patches and updates and blue screens, oh my! Part of the joy with an iPhone is how infrequently you have to reboot it.

In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, Ballmer explains that the ‘number one way’ to dominate the smartphone market is to have a really great product. He says it with such ease and confidence that you almost forget that to date, Microsoft hasn’t accomplished this task.

That isn’t the best part of the interview of course, because Ballmer also lets us know that when it comes to smartphones, “people actually have to be able to see them, touch them and feel them.” Interesting words from the CEO of a company that only formally announced smartphones of their own with an updated Windows 8 operating system on Monday.

The rest of the interview is entertaining far more than it is informative. Ballmer happily describes the kind of integration between Windows devices that Apple and Android devices have enjoyed for years and makes it seem like a few well-placed television ads will change everything for Microsoft.

With this interview coming not long after Microsoft Development Director Craig Mundie blamed “meddling cyber criminals” for the reason his company has fallen behind, individuals can seemingly be assured that Microsoft is full of excuses instead of innovation.

Is there a chance Ballmer is right, or did Microsoft become so large and so arrogant that it moved too slowly to stay relevant in this increasingly-mobile world?


  • zzzzbabebe

    My next phone will be Windows Phone 8 next year. iPhone got real boring with the never changing UI and small screen. Android’s device fragmentation, late (or no) update of software, and bad optimization of apps since there are thousands of different android devices make me sick to gut.

    WP8 has none of those. It is reasonably customizable; MS did not allow modification to its default OS so MS updates the software whatever the phone manufacturer is; supported resolutions and CPU’s are set to minimize the fragmentation. Also, the perfect MS Office integration right into the phone is big + for me.

  • Steve

    Lol windows phone??? Really??? Just looking at that home screen gives me a headache. A phone should be simple and easy to use. Too much nonesense going on with windows phone. Apple has the simplicity thing down pat. All apple needs to do is refresh ios. The hardware is in a class on its own. But seriously windows phone???

  • Johnnygoodface

    Windows phone! No way! I’m all for simplicity, leanness, beauty, and stabillity… Nothing Windows has mastered yet… And it’s been exactly the opposite Microsoft has imposed on us for all those years, on ANY of their products: complexity, unstability, uglyness, and NON TESTED products… Oh but don’t worry: there’s a patch for it! (Got it?) … I’ll never never go back to Microsoft

  • Jay

    Couldnt agree more

  • So I assume you don’t care much for live tiles, lol?

  • Apple_Sauce

    I completely agree. In the real world (business and hardware/software development) people use MS operating systems. I will be the first one to say that XP, Win7 etc. is not great, but to date it is the best option out there for a flexible platform (sad I know). The reality is that the vast majority of PC’s use MS OS’s, to have a phone that cleanly ties in to these PC’s would be a huge bonus. Personally I am so sick of having to use iTunes to get what Apple feels is appropriate onto my phone, it is a piece of junk app with so many restrictions it makes the Apple experience painful.
    I am looking forward to the Microsoft phones, it will be an uphill battle for them, but with the latest IOS6 release I believe the market is looking for a new solution.