16GB iPhone 5s Sale: $49.99 on Contract at Future Shop, Best Buy


If you’re still waiting to grab the latest and greatest iPhone, now may be the best time to grab one as Future Shop and Best Buy have both dropped the 16GB iPhone 5s price to $49.99 on a two year term. This is the lowest price we’ve seen so far on the iPhone 5s on contract.

Iphone 5s futureshop

The limited time offer is good for both new activations and upgrades / renewals. The stores have told us that the offer is available on all carriers (Rogers, Telus, Bell) and you’ll have to visit your nearest store to get it.

Iphone 5s best buy

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this!


  • Thomas

    If you check the web site, the larger sizes are on sale as well for the Telus iPhone. The sale price is not shown but is mentioned in small text near the price on the details page.

  • Chris Smart

    This will be my first iPhone. I know, late to the party. I’m in southern Ontario. How do I decide between Rogers or Bell? Is Telus even available in southern Ont?

  • Morpheus

    For hardware upgrade, iPhone 5S gets charged 279.99 to bill, you get rebate for $50.00 down to 229.99 and then within 3 billing cycles you get the remaining credit… Not a fan of the way they do HUP’s. Within 3 billing cycles?

  • Dave

    Picked up a 32Gb for $149.99 Reg 329.99 Great savings, Best deal out there on 5S

  • Nice!

  • Beth

    Can anyone tell me if this deal is still on? And if so is it in Canada? Can I get the deal at any future shop or best by in Halifax, Nova Scotia??

  • jai

    hey guyes i want iphone 5s on monthly installments of around 50$ CAD if you want to contact me so my gmail address is