Facebook Says 20M Canadians Visit Site Monthly, Reveals Plans for More Apps


Facebook has today revealed that over 20 million Canadians access its website each month, and over 15 million do so on a daily basis. Moreover, over 16 million Canadians access Facebook with a phone or tablet monthly, out of which 12 million are daily Facebook users on a mobile device, a figure 28% higher than last year, CBC News is reporting. Jordan Banks, the managing director of Facebook Canada also revealed that the company is planning to release even more apps during the next year.

Fb mobile

“We’re getting away from that single app that does everything for you. We released nine different apps in 2014 and I think what you’ll see is we’ll release more in 2015”, said Banks. “Mobile growth continues to be a major driver of all the good things we’re seeing”, he added. Banks also said that the Facebook, which has offices in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver, intends to grow in Canada in 2015. Founder Mark Zuckerberg has also been spotted visiting Vancouver in 2011, though he hasn’t been to Facebook Canada’s main Toronto office yet. He’s not big on travel, Banks says, which reflects his focus on using his time as efficiently as possible.

“(Users) want single apps that do one thing incredibly well. So one of the reasons we took Messenger out of the (Facebook) app and gave it its own standalone app is because that’s what our users were telling us. They didn’t want to click two or three times before they got into Messenger. So I think that will be a major trend going forward, you will continue to see this multi-app orientation come from Facebook”.

“You’ll see an average Canadian check their mobile device about 40 times a day and we account for one out of every four minutes spent on a mobile device in Canada. So you do that math and you say, ‘Boy, Facebook is a key cog in that mobile wheel.”‘

Do you like the idea of Facebook occupying even more spots on your iPhone’s home screen than it already is?


  • Biggy603

    So basically a year we all delete facebook, since it will eventually not be an all in one app.

    FB Messenger, theres an app for that
    FB Pages, theres an app for that
    FB groups, theres an app for that
    Next up
    FB Status Update App etc etc so on and so forth lpl

  • It’s getting a bit out of hand.

  • mark wilson

    Ha! We thought the government would step in and become “big brother”. Looks like we did it to ourselves. : (

  • FragilityG4

    So is there going to be a seperate app for reading your timeline and another to post to it? This is ridiculous. Show me one person who doesn’t like the all in one app.

  • Léon

    Mark Zuckerberg