Apple Launches 2TB iCloud Storage for $25.99, Ahead of iPhone 7 Event


If you’re a heavy iCloud user, Apple launched a new 2 terabyte (that’s 2000 gigabytes!) storage plan this afternoon, for $25.99 CAD:

2tb icloud storage

Previously, the highest tier available was 1TB, priced at $12.99 CAD. Prices for 50GB and 200GB remain the same. With the growing popularity of 4K video, Apple customers have long been asking for more iCloud storage tiers, and now their prayers have been answered.

The entry 5GB iCloud storage remains free, but Apple really should increase this, so first-time iOS users can take advantage of iCloud backups. I know so many people that still sync their iPhones and iPads with their computers to do backups. That’s fine and dandy, until your computer dies or burns down in a savage fire.

During last year’s iPhone 6s special event, Apple introduced updated iCloud storage pricing. Looks like they have decided to add 2TB as an option quietly, saving time at the upcoming September 7th event for more important features and announcements.

[via @reneritchie; thanks Dan]


  • Quattro

    Pretty pathetic that there is no volume discount for that particular tier. Not that I’d spend that kind of money per month for storage – especially when their are more reasonably priced and free alternatives.

  • Nick

    Dear Apple, it’s 2016, please increase the free tier from 5 to 10gb. Your phones are super expensive and your entry 16 model is ridiculous.

  • Shameer Mulji

    even 10GB is measly. I would say make the 50GB tier free, at the very least, and charge for the other tiers accordingly

  • fmgasparino

    Why Apple? Why do you force people who need 200-300GB to pay for 1TB? 🙁

  • SV650

    Gary said: “That’s fine and dandy, until your computer dies or burns down in a savage fire.”

    Do you really expect that those who make the effort to back their phone up to their computer don’t also back their computer up to a suitably safe location? Effort might be better expended encouraging those who do NO backups to start doing so.

  • MrXax

    I’m assuming these prices are per month?

  • JonathanM

    Apple’s iCloud storage is one of the most expensive in the industry, yet offers no competitive advantage. iCloud drive is still piss poor in terms of features, iCloud photo library is still a buggy mess. I will stick to amazon cloud drive for $60/year with unlimited storage.

  • Corey Beazer

    If those were annual prices, then i’d be interested…

  • ticky13

    Are these prices per year? Month? Week???

  • DoctorT

    They’re monthly prices.

  • DoctorT


  • Teky

    I can buy a Seagate 4TB external USB drive for $99. Apple iCloud is for slow ‘n lazy folks.

  • Richard Chiang

    Maybe make the free tier coincide with the amount of storage your iPhone has, so that you can at least have enough space for one full backup.

  • Anon

    Apple overcharges extremeely for memory upgrades on iPhones. Obviously the same memory is used in their cloud storage. LOL

  • Corey Beazer

    I know… thats my point.

  • They’re monthly prices.