5 Million Instagram Videos Have Been Uploaded in Just 24 Hours

After launching Instagram 4.0 yesterday with a new feature to upload 15 second videos, the company has announced in 24 hours, 5 million videos have been shared (via TechCrunch) by its 130 million users. In the first 8 hours of going live, the video addition saw the equivalent to a year’s worth of content loaded.

As for the biggest traffic spike, that came after the Miami Heat won game 7 of the NBA Finals over the San Antonio Spurs, where Instagram saw 40 hours of video being uploaded every minute. To put this into perspective, Twitter’s rival service Vine sees about 1 million videos uploaded daily by its 13 million users.

How are you liking the new video feature of Instagram?

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  • My first video was stuck in ‘processing’ mode. Will try again today. Video has great potential to tell emotive, compelling stories. It also has the potential to flood your feed with crappy content.

  • Yeah. It is going to definitely change Instagram. Best to turn auto play to OFF.

  • Chrome262

    So many videos posted to FB, and I guess Twitter but I don’t bother with it anymore. With its easy interface and ability to post everywhere at once, most of my timeline on FB is instagram lol. Well I should clarify the kids on my timeline lol. everyone who actually has something to do, haven’t bothered.

  • Chrome262

    Ok used it, just like with pictures, it limits size. I almost never use it for pictures because it forces you to crop square when most pics from a phone aren’t. and now with 15 sec vids. Although with iOS7 this isn’t and issue but instagram need to be finally swallowed up by FB, as most its features are on FB