Apple Rumoured to Be Releasing 8 GB iPhone 5C Tomorrow


Iphone 5c

Apple may release a cheaper, 8 GB version of the iPhone 5C tomorrow, March 17, according to a (questionable) note to retailers from Vodafone’s Germany-based O2 unit obtained by Caschys Blog (via AppleInsider).

Alleged email obtained by Caschys Blog

Although there is no other evidence of an 8 GB iPhone 5c yet, it will be about €60 cheaper than the currently available 16 GB model listed at €569.

What’s interesting, though, is that Apple already has a “cheaper” version of the iPhone 4S currently listed at €399 (8 GB model) in Apple’s official German online store, although we are talking about technology that is more than two years old

The launch of a cheaper iPhone 5c could mean another boost for the device as it is said to be available in more colours. The question that remains, though, is: how will this affect the sales of the 8 GB iPhone 4, used to target emerging markets.

Fact is, sales of the iPhone 5c have been lower than projected, despite analysts claiming that Apple is using a long-term strategy with the plastic device. An 8 GB model would allow the company to boost sales by lowering the price so that it fits the budget of future iPhone owners.


  • tHoj101

    Yeah, I can see it happening. It’s tax time. Apple used to always come out with something around tax time. Was always the iPads, but they got bumped to a fall release past couple years. Last year it was the MacBook Air refresh. It’s always something…

  • reformcanada

    What a horrible idea! They need to be expanding the size of the storage for the entry line, not decreasing it: let me guess:
    8GB (so really only 7GB), add the 1.2GB iOS 7 installed, add a few apps, sync your mail contacts and preferences, add a few songs and you have used the whole thing up!
    The only ones that this would be ok for are those that ONLY use their phone for email text and calls. But, if those are the only things you are looking for in a phone, there are more affordable options.