ABC News Asks CEO Tim Cook If Steve Jobs Saw the Apple Watch [VIDEO]



ABC News previously teased they are the only network with exclusive access to CEO Tim Cook after today’s ‘historic’ keynote. In the teaser clip below, anchor David Muir asks CEO Tim Cook if the late Steve Jobs had seen the Apple Watch. Here’s Cook’s answer:


  • Colin

    A bit ironic that the clip is in flash (especially given Kevin Lynch’s screen time today)

  • haha yeah!

  • Zeteboy

    Plays ok on my 4s

  • Kirk

    Well put Mister Cook. He couldn’t have said that any better. What a great day for Apple.

  • Cook nailed it today. They all did. Great keynote and announcements. Would have liked Apple Watch to have launched sooner, but it’s a huge undertaking given all the different size/strap combinations and such.

  • Kirk

    So true about Apple watch, I am SOLD.. Will buy it when it comes out next year!