After Shipping 1 Million Units, Pebble Plans to Reinvent Itself


After two generations of Pebble smartwatches, the Pebble Technology Corporation has plans to preserve the magic, the company CEO Eric Migicovsky has told The Verge.


During the December quarter, Pebble surpassed an important milestone: They sold their one millionth unit. However, a lot has changed since the 2013 launch, as more players have stepped into the wearables market.

The only major competitor was Google’s Android Wear: We’ve seen the launch of plenty of Samsung Gear smartwatches, but less public sales numbers. Last year, however, brought notable changes: Among other players, Apple has officially stepped into the wearables market with the Apple Watch, which will start shipping in April 2015.

As a result, the Pebble founders have plenty of reasons to worry: First of all, the media’s attention has turned to these new players, and one of the most anticipated events of the first half of the year in the tech world is the official launch of the Apple Watch.

Migicovsky, however, is positive: Pebble increased its head count to 100 last year, luring away the webOS TV design team from LG, which was tasked with creating a new software platform. The result will be visible in 2015, as Pebble plans to re-invent itself to preserve momentum: New products and a new software platform are coming.

The new platform will be “unlike anything else used on smartwatches to date”, Migicovsky says. He kept mum on the details, so we will have to wait until later this year to see what has been keeping the Pebble team busy lately.


  • Jay

    I dont expect to see anything revolutionary coming from pebble.
    The fact that the owner said he wasnt worried when the apple watch was first announced was the first sign that they are unfortunately going to crash in flames.

  • Surebut

    Really? You think anyone would actually say: “we’re super worried, please buy a pebble!”

    In any case I love my pebble, physical buttons, week long battery life and loads of apps is what keeps me in. I can’t leave the home without it and I’m looking forward to buying a gen2 pebble (I have an OG kickstarter watch).

    I’ll keep it till a gen 2 or 3 Apple watch hah. Once the whole snob appeal drops along with the price.

  • For what the Pebble does, it’s not bad, if you crave notifications on your wrist. The e-ink screen allows pretty long battery life, at least a week in my case.

  • Jay

    I have an original kickstarter one as well,
    I dont use the apps because either they dont work or drain the battery within a day.
    I like the week long battery life but I ESPECIALLY like the water proof coating as I can be warned about calls or texts while in the shower.

  • Tim

    My experience with the Pebble sucked. The fact that one of the pioneers in the smart watch industry hasn’t come out with something new in the last two years means that they’re already behind the game. Pebble is in effect the Blackberry of the market now, poised to lose market share and fade into oblivion. I say all of this with no desire to buy the Apple Watch myself though I do think it’ll sell well.

  • They are staffed (in California) with the Canadians we keep driving out with monopoly banks and Hooperism. I wouldn’t write them off yet. As well The Fruit always goes for the high end (which they will dominate), leaving lots of room for the rest of us.

  • I agree, competition is great for all of us. Will be keeping an eye on what they come up with.