Apple’s AirPods Now Shipping in 4 Weeks in Canada


If you’re still trying to order Apple’s AirPods, shipping times have improved on (via MacRumors) to 4 weeks, instead of the previous 6 week window, which came into effect back in December, shortly after the wireless headphones launched.

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The fastest way to find a pair of AirPods? Check out this post on how to track stock in real-time, while you can read our review of these awesome headphones here.

As of writing, AirPods are in stock right now at Apple Southgate in Edmonton, Apple Conestoga in Waterloo, Apple Bayshore in Ottawa and Apple Halifax Shopping Center in Halifax, according to iStockNow.


  • Sly C

    Still the best product ? has made in years. With the ability to change the function of double tap in iOS 11 they’re even more useful.

  • rylw

    Picked mine up yesterday at Best Buy in Montreal… so far so good..