Alberta Class-Action Lawsuit Calls Pokemon Go an Invasion of Privacy



A Canadian class action lawsuit has been filed against the creator of Pokemon Go on behalf of a property owner who claims her privacy has been invaded. The lawsuit on behalf of Barbra-Lyn Schaeffer has been filed in Calgary and has not been certified by the courts.

Schaeffer says that her and her husband have been overwhelmed by Pokemon Go players at their home in the hamlet of Torrington, 160 kilometres northeast of Calgary. She says she has no idea why her home is the site of a Pokemon gym and she doesn’t like it.


Schaeffer raises dogs and says they are unhappy about the unwelcome guests, especially at night. She says she asked Niantic, the creator of the game, to remove her residence as a so-called Pokestop but received only an automatic reply from the company. Schaeffer says she launched the lawsuit out of frustration and just wants her privacy back.

[via CBC]


  • Biggy604

    And let the suing for money begin, or in this case “privacy”.

    Then again Niantic was rumored to ad a request to remove certain pokestops and gyms from locations. I also think, that this lady only did one email, as opposed to a lady in BC getting the memorial of her son removed as a pokestop without the use of a class action lawsuit.

  • sukisszoze

    I bet many game developers are thinking of using the same theme of play..imagine you have to walk over to your neighbour’s yard to launch an attack or another location to capture the

  • CanucksGoals

    The only winners here are the lawyers.

  • Jason

    Im surprised Niantic hasn’t allowed or asked certain businesses if they would be interested in paying for gym locations. I could definitely see companies like mc donalds and Tim Horton benefiting from something like this.

  • sukisszoze

    That might happen..Niantic is probably collecting all the data right now to see how many users there are roaming around..then present the opportunities to businesses..offering businesses willing to pay more to have the more rare Pokemon…or businesses can offer a discount/freebie if you caught certain Pokemon by the store..

  • Ashley Mann

    Ca Ching! Here we go!

  • Jon

    I think they are already doing that

  • Peter

    I asked Niantic to remove the pokestop from my property two weeks ago and they already responded a week ago that the Pokestop has been removed.

    Until today the stop is still visible in the map. ;/