When Will Canada Get Amazon Alexa for iPhone?


Late last week, Amazon announced U.S. iPhone users now have access to the company’s virtual assistant, Alexa, as it became integrated into the company’s iOS shopping app.

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With Alexa, iPhone users in the U.S. can shop for items by saying things like “search for paper towels” or “reorder batteries” or “track my last order”, and the assistant will perform the actions for you.

Unfortunately, Amazon’s Alexa assistant, the heart of the company’s Echo product, is not available in Canada yet. We reached out to the company, and here’s what a representative had to say via email in a statement to iPhone in Canada:

Internationalization of all our products is super important, and Alexa and Amazon Echo are no different. We expect over time to go everywhere Amazon is. But I have nothing to share today about availability of Alexa on iPhone outside the US, UK, Germany and Austria.

For now, iPhone users in Canada will have to keep waiting for native support for Alexa here. What’s up with the delay? There could be language considerations for both English and French, which also saw the delay of Siri’s launch in Canada from five years ago.

Recently, Amazon launched Prime Video in Canada and beyond, so there is hope the company’s offerings will eventually expand up north.


  • mcfilmmakers

    Echo isnt available in Canada, thats why.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    This Makes me sad!! C’mon Amanzon we r just a little towards the north from you at. You can do this.

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  • MikeJenkinson

    I have been able to bring Alexa up in Canada by switching my Amazon app to the US store/my US account. I haven’t tested its capabilities, however.

  • felixmk

    I set up my Alexa using my US Amazon account which has prime. I set the location to the nearest US city. The weather is a little off but you can always ask “Alexa, give me the weather for Toronto Canada”