Amazon Set to Launch a New Device on June 18, Possibly a 3D Smartphone


Amazon is set to launch a new product this month at an event in Seattle on June 18. 

CEO Jeff Bezos is set to take the stage to announce something that the company is promising will be very exciting. Here is a teaser from Amazon showing people’s reactions when using the device, without ever showing the device itself:

Even though we don’t know what the device is going to be, rumours are suggesting that the company will unveil a smartphone with a 3D display. Over the past several months many rumours have suggested that Amazon is working on 3D display technology, which will reportedly be introduced in its first smartphone at the launch event in Seattle. 

The phone will likely run a heavily modified version of Android, just like Amazon’s line of Kindle Fire tablets. That means you’ll have to get all your apps and services from Amazon’s own app store. 

Amazon is also teasing the event with an image of the corner of the device they are expected to announce (seen below). The company is allowing anyone to request an invitation to the event, however the warn that there is limited space available. 


What do you think of a smartphone from Amazon with 3D display technology? Let us know in the comments below. 

[via Business Insider]


  • Chrome262

    And I bet it will be just as successful as the 3DS, oh wait Nintendo isn’t doing so hot of late. Ah gimmickry

  • bionicmonk

    Maybe it’ll be as great as 3D TVs.. those are just flying off the shelves.

  • Chrome262

    Actually, they are now that they removed replaced all the 2D ones with smart tvs. Been trying to get a decent LED tv that isn’t smart, or 3D, There are a few, but I figured they would be cheaper because everyone is going smart, and they always throw in 3D. My parents have one, and I asked if they like the 3d, they says they bought it because it is an actual better 2D tv, and never bought the glasses lol