AMEX Canada Encourages Apple Pay Use at These Stores [LIST]


American Express recently updated their Apple Pay page to detail more contactless merchants where you can use the mobile wallet. The list brings some familiar names Apple Canada previously mentioned, but there are some you may not have thought about, which we have bolded below:

  • Apple Stores
  • CO-OP
  • Husky
  • Indigo/Chapters/Coles
  • JeanCoutu
  • Ultramar
  • London Drugs
  • McDonald’s
  • Rexall Pharma Plus
  • Staples
  • Toronto Parking Authority
  • Ardene
  • Canada Computers 
  • Shell
  • Starbucks


American Express goes on to say their cards are “accepted at participating McDonald’s Restaurants in Canada,” which Apple does not, and has led to some confusion for people wanting to try it out (our local store does not support AMEX).

As more retailers start to enable contactless for American Express, Apple Pay’s acceptance will slowly gain some ground, but what we really need are big banks to jump on board, to bring support for VISA and MasterCard.

Let us know if you’ve tried Apple Pay at the merchants listed above!


  • Crosseyedmofo

    i got it to work at shoppers, toys r us and winners 😛

  • Peter

    At Ultramar they wanted a signature from me after paying with Apple Pay. Grr.

  • Mr Dog

    Gary, is there anyway you can find out if Petro-Canada or Husky will be accepting Apple Pay at the actual pumps in the near future?

    Maybe they will respond more promptly to a media representative, as they either never reply to me or tell me it is available in side lol.

  • M

    Apple Pay also work at Tim Hortons.

  • jmcd102

    Add Canadian Tire.

  • OliChabot

    Received my Gold AMEX about a week ago and pretty satisfied with it ! Slowly dropping the use of my Visa in favor of my AMEX and I even tweeted Desjardins to let them know I’ll stop using their card since they don’t offer Apple Pay.

  • Ron

    Worked for me at McDonald’s,Tim Hortons,pharmaprix,Canadian tire and Winners. I’ve stopped using my TD visa since I got my Amex card. Apple Pay is such a pleasure to use. Even better with the Apple Watch.

  • SOB

    The 2 Mc Donald’s close to where I live don’t accept Apple Pay. One of them doesn’t support Amex.

    One cashier at a local LCBO was totally impressed by Apple Pay when I used it. Too bad it didn’t work. She was still impressed though. 🙂

  • Guest

    Two things.

    First, American Express or Apple should distribute notices to stores that accept Apple Pay to place these notices on their store front to show that this particular store accepts Apple Pay. One McDonalds I visited had such a notice at their drive thru window.

    Second, management at these stores should inform or train their employees what Apple Pay is and how to use it. At the same McDonalds I just mentioned with the notice, the drive thru employee didn’t know what Apple Pay was or how to accept it. I had to tell her it’s just like accepting American Express. My iPhone will take care of the rest. They were amazed on how quick and easy it was.

    Same thing happened to me when I went to Chapters and Canada Computers. Both locations weren’t aware of what Apple Pay was until after I used my iPhone. The guy at Canada Computers was hesitant after I used Apple Pay and then he asked me if I used some kind of app to pay. After I told him it was Apple Pay, he checked the receipt again to check if he indeed received the money.

    What I love about Apple Pay is that not only is it quick and easy, I find it also convenient and secure because I can leave my American Express card at home. If someone stole my wallet, I would have to call my bank to cancel my credit cards. If someone stole my iPhone, they can’t get into my iPhone unless they have my passcode.

  • Cspin

    The outdoor TTC kiosks on the Spadina Ave and Harbourfront streetcar line accept it, as do the new streetcars with onboard kiosks.

  • Bob Langevin

    Mine works every time at Save on Foods but they want a signature, kind of defeating the purpose… Especially that I can tap it without a signature.

    I tried 1 Mcdonald’s and it didn’t work even though Apple Maps says it accepts Apple Pay

  • L Wong

    Love Apple Pay… I am in the same camp: Stopped using Visa and Mastercard and strictly on Apple Pay (Amex) whenever available. As consumers, seems our only way to fight back against the banks is to vote with our money.

  • bbousquet

    Was also asked for a signature after a 170$ ApplePay purchase at Pharmaprix (SDM in Québec). Even worse, the cashier asked for ID as well because ‘she didn’t see the payment card’. Go figure.

  • iTeodoro

    It not fair that the Canadian banks won’t allow Canadians consumers to use their debit or credit card to use on Apple Pay. It force us to apply for an American Express Card which I can’t get now because I already have both a Visa and Mastercard and don’t need a next credit card. Scotiabank which I am currently with…should definitely support Apple Pay…they would get lots of customers signing up with them if they are the first bank to support the Apple Pay. I guess I have to wait until after 2017….Canadians are slow!!!