AMEX Canada Issues Apple Pay Update, “More Merchants Coming”


American Express has emailed customers to inform them of “an important update” to Apple Pay, which will require users to remove, then re-add their AMEX card to Apple Pay, in order to install the update.

This update will allow customers to “start using Apple Pay at more merchants coming soon,” noting “removing and re-adding your Card is easy, and will only take a moment.”

AMEX explains this is a “one-time update” and future iOS and merchant expansions will not require customers to repeat these steps every time.

Amex apple pay update

This is somewhat odd American Express is making customers re-add their card, but for existing Apple Pay users, they probably already know how to do this.

How to remove your card? On your iPhone, go to…

Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay; select your card, then go to “Remove Card”

To re-add your card, just launch the Wallet app and tap the “+” icon in the top right, add your AMEX and follow the on-screen prompts.

The timing of this email will remind conspiracy theorists of the recent rumour which claimed Apple Pay is set to expand to Visa and MasterCard in Canada soon; for now we’re waiting for that to actually happen, so don’t get your hopes up.

Anyone else get this email from American Express? We didn’t receive it, but this morning got a separate marketing email from Amex, detailing “Time to set up Apple Pay with American Express.”

Thanks Rio, Pawel!


  • SOB

    I only got the marketing message to set up Apple Pay. Didn’t get any email to remove and re add your credit card. Would be nice to get an updated list of merchants that will accept Amex using Apple Pay.

  • Andre

    Got the marketing email only.

  • xeronine992


    I think you need to give us more information on your “tipster” for Visa/MC rollout. Nothing specific, but did they actually offer any info that would make the credible? At this point, it seems like anything will get posted to increase page views!

  • Potzie2

    I didn’t receive it either. Do we need to update the app itself? I can’t see how removing the card and adding it right back on makes a difference…

  • Ed Cicci

    i didn’t get this email either nor did I get a marketing email. I agree that this seems an odd procedure. wasn’t the expansion to take place tomorrow? maybe we should wait until then before doing anything.

    Just went to the Amex website. No mention of this procedure.

  • Sam

    I did receive this email and I just did it. No differences as far as I can tell.

  • Come on Jon, did you really just call us out for being a page view whore? We don’t make stuff up and post it for page views. Think back to the original Amex Canada launch–we did our own work to nail that launch date before anybody else.

    The original story was clearly marked as a rumour, some are interpreting it as confirmation. As I originally said, let’s see what happens. I do appreciate all the feedback and comments people leave here, I read every single one (and yes, I did receive your email).

  • Sam

    I noticed that Moneris terminals accept the Amex tap that enables Apple Pay. Currently Ingenico’s terminals do not…but maybe that changes with this “update”? Hope so.

  • xeronine992

    I guess indirectly, yes. I know, it’s a bit harsh.

    I think to some degree you might be a little quick to post a new rumor without fully considering what people might think. We’re at your mercy for vetting information you receive. If you get an email from someone contacting you from say a bank email address saying they know somethings that’s one thing. If says “Visa/MC support is coming!” and you run with it, it’s a bit misleading for your readers. I’m sure you see where I’m coming from.

    At the end of the day, life doesn’t change much whether we have Apple Pay or not, so it’s not like life changing decisions are being made on your information, but still.

  • Scouse@Large

    I’m sure it’s a pipe dream, but maybe Amex can/has drawn up an agreement with one of the others issuers (MC/Visa/Interac) to use their tap protocols at merchants that accept Amex but not via tap? Hmmm…. Anyone can dream 🙂

    Maybe it can coincide with the rumoured MC/Visa launch this week?

  • mxmgodin

    I doubt you’ll see any difference on your side. My guess is they’ve probably changed something in the tokenization process in their backend (probably to improve compatibility of their cards with more terminals), and cards need to be re-entered to make full use of it.

  • jmcd102

    Hoping so as well.

  • makeittalk

    Well Gary with respect, perhaps Jon did just that, with justification. Perhaps publishing less “rumour” and more “fact” might help. Too many “rumour” sites around.

  • Jonathan

    Seriously? Then I guess no one should post anything about the iPhone 7 or any other future Apple product as it is all ‘rumour’ until the actual product comes out. There is a fine line when posting Rumors, but with all that is going on with the tell tale signs of Apple Pay coming to Canada, I think that post was justified.

  • makeittalk

    Yes actually Johnathan, less rumour mongering would reduce the spam one has to filter out. But since you appreciate rumours, here’s on for you to spread: “a little well placed birdie” confirmed Apple will announce the iCar at WWDC. Have fun!

  • Salinger

    Odd, I didn’t get this email telling me to remove and re-add my Amex card, but I did get an email from Amex today just telling me I can add my Amex card to Apple Pay. I just ignored it because I already use Apple Pay so I’m not sure why there seems to be two different emails going around.

  • +1

  • Mathieu Chartrand

    This is RBC US website unfortunately…

  • makeittalk

    Well…I take it back!!!!! Happily! Your birdie was right.

  • Haven’t got this email yet. Now that I can use my RBC MasterCard though, the issue of AMEX compatibility isn’t as big a deal.

  • 🙂

  • Apple Pay has arrived, Jon 🙂

  • John

    So over 2 weeks. Where are the new merchants for AMEX?