Apple 2011 Q4 Posts Record $28.27 Billion in Revenue, 17 Million iPhones Sold

Apple has announced their 2011 fiscal fourth quarter earnings this afternoon, with a record $28.27 billion in revenue and a net profit of $6.62 billion. A year ago, these numbers were at $20.34 billion and $4.31 billion respectively. 63% of revenue in this most recent quarter came from international sales.

Sales by the numbers:

  • 17.07 million iPhones (21% growth over year ago quarter)
  • 11.12 million iPads (166% growth over year ago quarter)
  • 4.89 million Macs (26% increase over year ago quarter)
  • 6.62 million iPods (27% decrease over year ago quarter)

Other fiscal notes:

  • $108 billion in annual revenue for 2011
  • $5.4 billion in cash generated
  • 2012 Q1 expected to hit revenue of $37 billion
From the earnings call:
  • 250 million iOS devices sold
  • 500,000 apps in the App Store
  • 18 billion App Store downloads
  • iTunes Store: $1.6 billion in revenue
  • 180 million iBookstore downloads
  • $81.6 billion in cash
Dan Frommer from SplatF has posted an excellent graphical summary of the 2011 Q4 quarter:
The current holiday season falls into the 2011 Q1 fiscal quarter, and Apple expects it to be a massive one. The iPhone 4S release date has been timed perfectly to sell like hotcakes, with over 4 million sold in just the first three days.
Don’t be shocked to expect the next quarter to exceed Apple’s predicted earnings, if iPhone 4S stocks can keep up with demand. The iPhone is currently supported in by 230 carriers in 105 countries, with the iPhone 4S international rollout happening soon.

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    Maybe Apple can bail out the American government soon?

  • Haha…not a bad idea. Maybe some European countries too?

  • Anonymous

    Why would they greed is the essence of coporations!

  • I’ve had my samsung Galaxy now for three weeks after upgrading from iphone 4, and i’m sorry to say that I really miss my iphone now. Apart from a bigger screen which does make it hard to use now with one hand, everything else feels inferior to apples phone, from the hardware to the software. I’m not criticising it because it’s far better value for money and is a great phone and i would say is less likely to smash if dropped although I can not verify this as fortunately I haven’t dropped my SG2 yet. But it as the old adage goes you get what you pay for and in my opinion the iphone is just much more enjoyable to use. All the android fans do is point out any little faults that on paper looks like it could be an issue but anyone who has owed one knows the little things get lost when you have an amazing OS. I now feel i’m in a position for the first time to judge if android has now caught up with apple and for me they are still a fair bit behind even with apple giving them a over a year to come up with something better. I now just need to convince the wife to take on my new contract so I get the 4s but I think she’s cottoned on so I’ll guess I’ll have to live with my choice but hey… still got ice cream sandwich to look forward to.!!