Will Apple AirPods Fall Out if You Jog or Dance?


Apple debuted the all new ‘AirPods’ wireless headphones yesterday, featuring innovative hardware and software technologies aimed at reinventing how we listen to music, make phone calls, play games and interact with Siri. While I was thoroughly impressed by Apple’s presentation of the new accessory during the iPhone 7 launch keynote, I had two main concerns which needed to be addressed before deciding whether I want them or not. 

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First, will the AirPods fall out of my ears when I jog or dance? And second, will they hurt after wearing them for a while like the regular EarPods do? Luckily, a hands on test of Apple’s tiny headphones by Macworld’s Susie Ochs seems to have answered both my questions. Here’s what she says:

“I found myself dancing along in spite of myself—and the AirPods stayed put, feeling surprisingly secure. I hate how normal EarPods feel in my ears. They don’t seem like they’re going to stay put, and they simply fall out if I move my head too much. Even if they do stay in, after about a half hour, my ears just start to ache, although I don’t experience the same pain when using earbuds with silicone or foam tips. Since the AirPods look so similar, I expected them to feel the same too—and I’m surprised and happy to report that I was dead wrong”.

Not only did she dance around, she headbanged, shaking her head side by side and tossing her hair as she jogged in place (looking silly doing all of that). But the end result was, “the AirPods stayed put, and they stayed loud”. 

Of course we’ll know more about the sound quality, battery life and other minor details once a few audiophiles review the AirPods, but nonetheless, if the idea of AirPods falling out while you run is holding you back from splurging out $219 CAD once they are available to order in late October, then rest assured they won’t!


  • Mr Dog

    The current EarPods stay pretty firmly in my ear on runs, the only thing that causes them to fall out is when the cable start tugging if my phone is in my pocket. So these might actually be better in that scenario. But so expensive 🙁

  • That’s what I was thinking too–most of the time it’s the cable’s tugging them out since they’re so light. $219 CAD vs $159 USD…the price Canadians pay for Apple goods eh!

  • Mr Dog

    Yeah, I REALLY want them. But no way can I justify $219+tax lol.

    They actually might be the best Bluetooth headphones out there right now.

  • I think the pairing ease of use via iCloud is a huge feature. It’s one of the annoyances of Bluetooth, sometimes headphones just un-pair and it’s a pain in the arse. And the 5 hour battery life…I’m going to need an AirPod charging case belt 😛

  • SOB

    Maybe these pods will be superior in sound quality to any bluetooth headphones today that will justify the price? Guess more in-depth reviews will be needed.

  • Jake

    I honestly expected the price to be a lot higher, either 299 or 349. And with the W1 chip if these can eliminate my biggest gripe with bluetooth, which is audio lag/delay, man do we have a winner. Second gripe would be quality loss, hopefully that can be addressed too.

  • I’m not a huge audiophile but I do use the EarPods for lots of calls. This may be a seamless solution for both calls and music. The 2 hour calling battery life though…I guess we need to realize there’s not a lot of space in the AirPods, but still.

  • mxmgodin

    I’ve been thinking about going wireless for a while. I don’t plan on buying an iPhone 7, so I’m not in a hurry to buy anything. But I have to say the newly announced BeatsX look pretty nice. I prefer the “behind the neck” cable, compared to having separate earbuds (too easy to lose, in my opinion), and I personally think they look way nicer and more comfortable than the AirPods (never used the EarPods, the hard plastic hurts my ears really quickly, and they don’t block outside sounds well enough for my taste either). And finally, they are cheaper than the AirPods and also have the W1 chip for easy pairing!

  • Anthony

    Believe it or not, $219 is a bargain when compared to similar wireless earbuds in this class.

  • Flash

    I have a behind the neck cable right pair right now and it’s a pain – when your turn you neck of the cable touches skin it catches a bit and tugs on the ear pieces, even on a few of my t-shirts it does this and as a result my ear pieces constantly get pulled out.

  • Derrick Rockwell

    I read online that the W1 chip is only for easy pairing. the headphones themselves are still bluetooth. This is why they will already work with other Apple devices that don’t have the W1 chip, and existing bluetooth devices. You just have to do a manual pair.

    The latency though…. I wonder.

  • RickysCV

    The difference is almost 38%-yet exchange is currently around 30%. The maxed out iPhone 7+ gets an increase of 35% from the US to our store. Not making sense Apple.

  • Bafoon

    Here is the big question – will the W1 chip play nice with the apple TV allowing me to seamlessly watch movies and shows using my pods as my wife sleeps