Apple Bans Apple ID Of iPhone Hackers


In its most aggressive move yet to thwart jailbreakers and hackers, Apple seems to have begun banning Apple ID’s of offenders.

Late last week, it was reported that a possible unlock had been found for firmware 3.1.3 by iPhone hacker “Sherif Hashim”. A few days later, his Apple ID was disabled with the following message being displayed when attempting to use the App Store or iTunes:

This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons.

Furthermore, iPhone hacker “iH8sn0w” also had his Apple ID disabled shortly after the first incident.

At this time, disabed Apple ID’s do not seem to be affecting every user that jailbreaks their iPhone, but it is interesting to ponder how far Apple may take this.


  • C-los

    Apple 1, hackers 0

  • speed2bump

    yes it is interesting, as the only reason why I got the iPhone is because I was intending to jail brake it, and for two reasons
    1) most important is that it is MY device, I should be able to do what I please with it, as I have paid through the nose for it

    2) there are few very useful products that are not available in the app store.

    and I know several other people that are in the same boat….

    If I was not able to jailbrake the iPhone I would have gone with palm, android or even MS based phone

  • nosnoop

    Something does not sound right. First, iTunes uses your email address as Apple ID, not your alias. So do you mean Apple has gone through the trouble of digging up their email address?

    iTunes has had a recent flood of hacked accounts. Some suspected that many IDs/Password were stolen, rather than accounts hacked individually. These accounts may have been disabled for other “security reasons”.

  • Tim

    I'm not sure I understand the reasoning for this. The hackers are denied access to the App store and iTunes so they have no possibility of ever buying apps and songs? It doesn't seem to stop them from jailbreaking.

  • I jailbroke my iPhone for the sole purpose of unlocking it, if Apple intends to block every jailbreaker They should atleast sell unlocked iPhones. If I get my apple I'd blocked I will just switch to a blackberry πŸ˜€

  • Youngbrammer

    Most important question, does it block use of all the songs, videos and games you purchased from ever being used again? If so, I'd be pissed off!

  • Derrick

    Well that's just great. If they dare to ban me, that's all the more reason I need to go to Android. I was planning on looking more into it when my contract expires, but this would just push me over the edge. This is just too much communist control over the iPhone/iPod devices that WE PURCHASE. Since when was the purchase price a lease with restrictions?

  • alamarco

    I've paid for my fair share of apps in the App Store. Not everyone who jailbreaks uses Installous to pirate apps. If I lost the apps I've paid for it would spell the end of Apple to me. I'd never purchase another product, and no more recommendations either.

    Not to mention this will force people to pirate apps so they'd only end up losing money because we all know they get a cut from each sale in the App Store.

    If they ban devs, etc. fine. But start banning users and they will regret it.

  • xaroc

    i own my iphone, i should be allowed to do as i please. i also have about $200 worth of apps + games, i dont steal apps, but i do like winterboard. if i got banned i would look at taking it to a legal matter. baring me from my paid apps. my question is if your ID is banned… dose it stop you from activating new Iphones when you restore them?

  • alamarco

    The only problem with legal matters, and Apple would probably be counting on this, is that most people wouldn't be able to afford a lawyer. Not many people could afford to fight Apples decision, so that's how they could probably get away with it.

  • artikas

    i think its Apple 1 – Hackers 1

  • Ari

    These “hackers”, more like lamerz, either entered in their Apple store password incorrectly too many times or someone tried to hack their accounts and temporarily disabled purchase in their accounts until they go in and reset their password.

    Real hackers should have known better. Lamerz.

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  • John

    Go to:

    to reset your password

  • John

    Go to:

    to reset your password

  • Unclebobo

    They do, but you have to buy your phone in Singapore! πŸ˜‰