How to Get Apple’s Beats Solo 3 with W1 Chip for $186 (43% Off) from The Source


Here’s a pretty hot deal on Apple’s latest Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones, which features the latest W1 chip for easy pairing and fast charging. You can only jump on this deal if you’re a Goodlife Fitness member (or know someone that is).

The Source has the Beats Solo 3 headphones on sale for 20% off at $263.99 (Apple sells for $329 new). But Goodlife Fitness members can save more—here’s how.

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1. Go to and enter your membership number or FOB number, then scroll down to The Source and setup a PSP account, which then drops the price to $211.19 (it takes 20% off).

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2. Sign up for The Source newsletter to get a $25 off $100 coupon code (use 10MinuteMail if you want to avoid spam). Apply to your order and boom—your new Beats Solo 3 headphones are $186.19 plus tax—saving you 43% ($142.81) off a new pair from Apple!

3. Also, use to save an additional 1% as well–click here to sign up.

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The Source has the headphones on sale until November 30, 2016. If you’re not a Goodlife Fitness member, try signing up for a free trial, or ask a friend who has an existing membership to help you out.

Let us know if you’re going to give this a shot!

PS – If you don’t want to jump through the hoops, Chapters has these Beats Solo 3 headphones for 25% off—so you could try price matching at Best Buy to save even more.

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  • Riar Jotz

    hi is im able to buy it from the store ? im already a good life fitness member ship please let me know .. as the store going to close in an hour.. thank you

  • jv

    i just bought it online and price worked out great as said in the article. In the store you will not get this extra 25 dollar discount.

  • jv

    I came across this website by chance but now check it every day as this is second time you have saved me money as the deals your inform are local deals which are more relevant to me being in Canada. Thanks.

  • Phillip

    I want this deal so bad! However, I do not live in Canada. How do I get an account since I live in the U.S.? Is anyone willing to share their account info just to get this deal? Not sure how to make this happen but I would love these headphones at this price!

  • Cheers and welcome! We curate the best deals related to Apple and mobile as just one part of what we do.

  • Nice!

  • You need to do it online as it’s much easier to get all the discounts.

  • wstoneman

    Why would this not work in store? The email says to print it out and take it to the store.

  • You can try, just saying some stores may not let you stack discounts, even though you can online. If you have patience to deal with staff go for it!

  • Josh

    Is anyone willing to share their member ID? Apparently the 7 day trial doesn’t give access to the reward system. Thanks!