Apple Blocks iOS Settings Shortcuts in iOS 5.1 Beta


If you have enjoyed the beautiful iOS settings shortcuts designed by @brdrck, you might want to avoid iOS 5.1 beta. The latest beta release of iOS has resulted in these shortcuts no longer working properly.


In our conversations with Jeff, he notes this block could be a beta issue, and that the final build of iOS 5.1 could still allow these convenient shortcuts. At this point in time, we can only hope for the best. But, the reality is these shortcuts were able to function due to a some gaps in iOS, and Apple has covered them up.

So if you want to keep your iOS settings shortcuts that Jeff painstakingly created, stay away from iOS 5.1 beta for now.

Thanks @_minel!


  • Anonymous

    Why oh Why does Apple insist on burying core functions of a cell phone like Bluetooth so deep?  These shortcuts work amazing, and are beautiful…Unless of course, Apple has something planned along the same lines….in iOS 7

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get this move at all and it might lie in how verification works. Who does the verifying for developers with profiles? I assumed it was Apple, and if it is indeed Apple why would they verify him when his work was to do with the profiles they were intended to block?

    I could be wrong, but I don’t get why verify then block. Anyone clear this up?

  • Jordierobb

    Just another reason I’m being pushed away from the iPhone.

  • Anonymous

    Pissed off if true. My biggest complaint and the only reason I kept the jailbreak for so long on my old 3GS was to get around the brightness control  having no convenient shortcut, whereas there’s about half a dozen to change volume (physical buttons, system prefs, springboard-left swipe, music/video apps…).

    Bottom line: this was already an ugly workaround, but if Apple disables it they either needs to get basic toggle/slider prefs into the notification screen so we can get at them without exiting the app we’re in.

  • ????Dennis

    What I don’t get is that Apple’s whole philosophy on product design is simplicity. Why then when I’m driving do I have to go through 3 steps in settings to get to Bluetooth? Before Jeff came out with this work around, I hardly ever bothered with Bluetooth in the car. Now I Find myself using it all the time.

    Thanks for keeping my drive home safe Jeff.

    Screw you Apple for being so hard headed!

  • iOS 7 or BUST!

  • The verification was done by Jeff, as he had to acquire an SSL certificate and work it in. 

  • I expect Siri to take over these functions in future iOS updates.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for clearing that up Gary. I figured these were App Store like approvals and not just SSL certificates. Good to know this as I haven’t dabled in profiles besides these shortcuts.

  • Anonymous

    There are many circumstances that voice control is not appropriate or possible.
    So these two functions cannot replace each other.