Apple’s iPhone Recycling Program Drops Max Trade-In Value to $225 in Canada, U.S.


Back in March, Apple finally launched its iPhone Reuse and Recycling Trade-in Program in Canada, allowing customers to trade-in their existing iPhones for a gift card to be used towards a new smartphone. At the time, the maximum trade-in value was $270 CAD and $250 USD.

Apple has made changes to this value today as it decreased to $225, as noted on their retail store pages in both Canada (left) and the USA (right):

Screenshot 2014 07 01 21 13 11 Screenshot 2014 07 01 21 27 11

The iPhone trade-in program has long been available in the U.S. since last year and in the UK.

The company told us at the time of the program’s launch it was “to assist customers who wish to bring in their previous-generation iPhone for reuse or recycling.”

As for why the values have decreased, as time progresses so do the residual values of iPhones. So it’s not exactly a surprise this number will fluctuate over the course of existing iPhone product cycles.

If you want maximum trade-in value for your iPhone, it’s best to sell it privately on places like eBay, Craigslist or Kijiji. But that takes time and effort, so for those want a more convenient way to trade in your iPhone, the Apple Store can offer you credit towards a new phone—for a price.


  • Chrome262

    I just need to get rid of a 4, its too old for anything and I don’t want to just throw it away. might just drop it off to them so they can recycle it.

  • Hold onto it as a collector’s item for generations to come?

  • Chrome262

    If it was gen 1 then yes, I would, just have to many cell phones littering my house, as well as old computers (not to mention game consoles, and old PDAs). I need to deal with the detritus of my tech addiction.

  • reformcanada

    Still always more worth it to sell on Kijiji!

  • gerry

    I still have my iPhone 3G lying around. lol

  • Metromiller

    Game consoles? If they’re still working and have the cables, myself and many others would be willing to pay a little bit for them. Try throwing them on kijiji! People love old games.