Apple Continues to Release on New Features That Are too Complicated for Users to Find: NYT


As Apple is preparing to show off the next major version of iOS at its developers conference on Monday, the company is faced with a complex issue: a lot of the existing features are too complicated for many users to figure out.

The Messages app has adopted a lot of features over the years, including the ability to send stickers. The process of finding and installing the stickers, however, is not as intuitive as you might think.

DoorDash, a food delivery app, was one of the first applications on the App Store to showcase compatibility with the Messages app. However, just a few months later, the company dropped the feature due to little customer interest. In a statement, the founder of DoorDash said:

“While we didn’t end up moving forward with it, we’re excited about other ways we’re making delivery faster and more efficient.”

We can also see similar trends with other features that Apple has released with the latest versions of the iPhone and iOS. For instance, 3D Touch is a very useful feature when you are aware of its existence. Many users, however, continue to use the device in the same way that they did before 3D Touch existed.

We will see if Apple has any new features to add on to its growing list on Monday, when the company is set to take the stage for its annual developers conference.

[via The New York Times]


  • aOsTECH

    from a repair guy standpoint, the 3D feature is a massive fail. I have yet to have a customer know what it is and they are blown away by the cost difference between 6 vs 6S repair.

  • makeittalk

    …and some people TURN OFF 3D Touch all together right away! 🙂

    A lot of gimmickry coming from Apple recently masked as “innovation”.

  • xeronine992

    I happen to like it. Using it on app icons for the most part is useless, though I like opening a new tab in Safari right from the get go. Opening the task switcher with it is nice too. Maybe I’m the minority though. I understand not using it, but to turn it off seems odd. To each his own though!

  • Gerry Lee

    Even in previewing a text message, you can just tap on a message and open the conversation as the 3D touch does the same. *eye roll*

  • hlna55

    Yes SIR.

  • raslucas

    For anybody that’s ever used right click on a computer before… they get how massively useful 3D Touch is. Fast app switching, much better text seeking… faster app previews, jumping right to what I’m trying to do in apps without having to open it first. I don’t think I’d get an iPhone without it.

  • Dan Howard

    Sorry I can’t understand you with Steve Job’s balls in your mouth.