Apple Delays HomePod Speaker to “Early 2018” for US, UK and Australia


Apple has told CNBC it has delayed its HomePod smart speaker until “early 2018” as it’s not quite ready yet. Here’s what the company said in a statement:

“We can’t wait for people to experience HomePod, Apple’s breakthrough wireless speaker for the home, but we need a little more time before it’s ready for our customers,” Apple said. “We’ll start shipping in the US, UK and Australia in early 2018.”

HomePod was originally set to launch in December in the U.S., but the delayed launch till 2018 still does not include Canada. There is no reason yet why Canada will see a HomePod delay, but it could be related to localization efforts, similar to how Amazon’s Echo took some time to finally launch here, set for December. HomePod will debut for $349 USD.

Apple’s HomePod supports Siri as its assistant, also acts as a HomeKit hub, aimed at competing with other smart speakers from the likes of Amazon, Google and Sonos.

Well, the delay isn’t a surprise for Canadians since we weren’t expecting it this December anyways. But given Apple didn’t update its launch countries to list Canada, it means we may not see HomePod until the summer or fall of next year?


  • slicecom

    Still annoyed Canada is getting snubbed for the launch.

  • andrez1

    Well, if it’s $349 in the US, it will probably be $479 in Canada, like a year from now.

    I will just get an Amazon or Google Home for less than half of that, and available now – on Black Friday.

    Sorry Apple, but at $1500 for an iPhone, and $480 for a speaker that’s not yet even available, you’ve priced yourself out of my market. And $15 a month for music on top of the devices? Not a fanboy any more.

    Plus, ever since Steve died, Apple is OK with putting out buggy products. Getting a bit fed up with the bugs and the sky-high prices.

    And if you’ve lost me, the Apple gadget guy, I suspect there’s lots of others like me.

  • Salinger

    Agree. For me, the biggest drawback, along with the price, is that it’ll be Siri based. Siri is great for on-phone commands, but gets general inquiries wrong far too often to be of any value as a full-time digital assistant.

  • Joe

    What is everybody planning to use their Amazon Echo or Google Home for…? Asking a serious question here.

    I live in an apartment and I picture using HomePod to play music and podcasts, and occasionally for a voice command to control my Philips Hue lights. HomePod sounds like it’ll be perfect for those things.

    I expect it will work just like the AirPods and I’ll be able to control everything from my iPhone. I doubt Google Home or Amazon Echo will work as seamlessly for my use case, but I could be wrong. That being said, I do wish it would also work with my TV or Computer.

  • Any idea what localization will entail? I’m thinking about just picking it up in the US whenever it is released, and bringing it back with me to Canada. Any flaws in this plan that I’m missing?