Apple Discounts Most Popular Productivity Apps for iOS


Today, Apple has unveiled a new promotion on the App Store called “Get Productive,” which features 19 of the most popular productivity apps on iOS.

The new sale offers low prices for a variety of apps from top-tier iOS developers. Here is a full list of the apps that are on sale:

Fantastical 2 for iPhone: $2.49 (Regularly $5.79)

Workflow: $2.49 (Regularly $2.99)

Hours Time Tracking: $3.49 (Regularly $7.99)

Clear – Tasks, Reminders & Todos: $2.49 (Regularly $4.99)

Duet Display: $8.99 (Regularly $14.99)

Carrot To-Do Talking Task List: $1.19 (Regularly $3.49)

Taasky: $1.19 (Regularly $1.99)

Calendars 5: $3.49 (Regularly $6.99)

GoodTask: $2.29 (Regularly $4.99)

Procraster: $2.29 (Regularly $4.99)

Daily Routine: $1.19 (Regularly $2.29)

List Book – Lists Done Right: $1.19 (Regularly $2.99)

miCal – the missing calendar: $1.19 (Regularly $2.29)

Daily Notes: $3.49 (Regularly $5.99)

Awesome Calendar: $3.49 (Regularly $5.79)

Recordium Pro: $4.59 (Regularly $11.99)

GoodNotes 4 – Notes & PDF: $3.49 (Regularly $7.99)

Notebooks 7: $6.99 (Regularly $14.99)

knfbReader: $57.99 (Regularly $119.99)


Apple has not released any official end date of the sale, so if you are interested in any of the above apps it would be best to download them as soon as possible. Will you be jumping on any of the above deals? Let us know in the comments below.

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