Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over 2011 MacBook Pro Graphics Card Issues

macbook_pro_2011_graphics_issue.jpgApple may appear in court yet again if enough 2011 MacBook Pro owners get their way, after a class action lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for Northern California. The lawsuit began as a petition which was signed by thousands of people who are experiencing issues with the GPU on their MacBook Pros.

The class action lawsuit, which was filed on October 24, claims that Apple failed to resolve the graphics card issues present in certain MacBook Pro models manufactured in 2011.

The graphics card issue is said to occur when the lead-free solder used in the manufacturing process of the device is exposed to significant temperature changes. The increase or decrease in temperature reportedly caused a short circuit, which made the displays on some 15-inch and 17-inch models unreadable.

The claims suggests that Apple has ignored thousands of complaints from customers who are experiencing this issue.

On Apple’s discussion forms, several users (who have brought their laptops into an Apple Store) have reported that having the company fix the issue if you are no longer under warranty could cost between $350 and $600.

If the many customers who have complained get their way, we could see Apple introduce a repair or replacement program to address this issue. Apple did offer a graphics card replacement for some mid-2011 iMacs that were experiencing a similar issue. However, it is very rare that Apple issues a recall on one of its products.

Apple has not yet released an official comment about this issue. If you have a 2011 MacBook Pro, have you been affected by this GPU issue?

[via ZDNet]

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  • Gord Smith ?

    My 15″ MacBook Pro 2011 has fried 3 Samsung monitors. I wonder if it’s related.

  • Chrome262

    The LCDs or external?

  • Gord Smith ?

    External monitors. They still work, but are flaky. Waking up from sleep they would just display a white or jumbled screen. Don’t know if it’s the monitors or my MacBook somehow causing it. Only happening to me at work.

  • Chrome262

    well I don’t think its your book, it doesn’t really put out enough power to actually damage anything. Is it only Samsung monitors?

  • Anon

    If you don’t know, you can’t say it “fried” the monitors, especially if they still work. Laptops just output a signal to the monitor, that’s all. The monitor just decodes that signal. It’s more than likely the graphics card on your macbook causing the problem. You need to try a completely different working laptop/desktop and see if it causes the same problem.

  • Gord Smith ?

    Point taken. But it’s a helluva coincidence.

  • Gord Smith ?

    3 Samsungs (so far, on my 4th). Did not have the issue when I used a ViewSonic.

  • Chrome262

    well it looks like the issue might be the samsung monitors, are all of them the same model?

  • Gord Smith ?

    Yup, bulk buy at work. S24B350 reported in Display->Preferences.

  • Gord Smith ?

    Thanks. Mine doesn’t have all of those settings, but I set the ones I could. Maybe it’s because I’m connected over HDMI or because it’s a different model than the support article.

  • Chrome262

    well that could be it, I have seen some support posts on problems with it, even people with older mac books and other pcs. Some even using HDMI, not sure if your version has that. for the price ViewSonic use to be decent monitors, although ugly.

  • Pier-alexandre Larouche

    My 15 Macbook Pro 2011 has died last monday… now i know why !!

  • Michel Munger

    Hello. I have such a MacBook Pro and Apple just tried making me pay $500 for a logic board replacement after handing me a diagnostic of the issue. I declined. I live in Québec, and I want to take legal action.

  • mbz

    I brought mine back 8 times. 4 of those were retina display related. Every single time the repaired without a complaint. On the 9th, I called instead of going into the Apple store since I was annoyed and they just shipped me a brand new 2014 15″ retina as a replacement 😉 ZERO complaints from me now

  • Jess

    My Computer crashed two days ago and i was told the fan over heated and fried the logic board!!! I was quoted over $300 for a repair, but said that the computer will most likely continue to have this problem! Lucky my hard drive was in tact. I was in the middle of a back up when the machine crashed. I am a photographer and might of lost a lot of important client data!!! To bad Apple won’t help or bother to answer anyones problems with this!