Apple May Use NFC for Secure Building Access and Transit Fare Systems

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In addition to using NFC as means for Apply Pay, The Information reports that Apple is eyeing new uses for the technology beyond mobile payments. The source claims that Apple representatives are already in talks with technology companies like HID Global and Cubic, which enable secure access to buildings and transit fare systems, respectively, and are planning to integrate their systems with the iPhone.

“Consumers are just starting to use Apple Pay to make purchases at cash registers and online stores. But Apple representatives have also talked to potential partners about using the technology behind Apple Pay for other sorts of transactions, including building security access and accepting tickets at public transit turnstiles.”

So far, spokespeople for the two technology providers and potential Apple partners, have declined to comment about any discussions with the Cupertino company. 

Apple has previously announced a similar partnership with Starwood Hotels, where Apple users can replace hotel keycards with their Apple Watch, even though this uses Bluetooth instead of NFC technology.

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  • Chrome262

    They started a while back to integrate in to a few stations the GO NFC pass, but its not everywhere, so if the above happens (I hope) it would take the TTC a while to implement it. unfortunately TTC is still amazed at its used of electricity and magnetic card readers.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    i was first taken aback at how behind TTC is but NYC is just as bad in regards to payment system

    montreal, shockingly, is completely set up for apple pay (OPUS)

  • Tim

    Would love to have my OPUS card on my phone while being able to add funds online. It takes the average Montrealer five years to get through a transaction of the OPUS card machines.

  • Chrome262

    DC is ok, they have loadable cards at least, and are starting to allow pay pass from visa and mastercard. Ii think the problem with the TTC is that the city keeps changing its mind on a system, and then the TTC doesn’t really take initiative in either direction.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    the TTC needs to promote its subway lines better as well… starting with a rebranding (the logo looks like a freemason symbol)

  • Crosseyedmofo

    set it to auto renew man