Apple Yet to Acknowledge 2011 MacBook Pro Failure Problems


According to a report by AppleInsider, owners of 2011 MacBook Pro notebooks continue to report GPU-related system failures but Apple has not yet yet acknowledged the widespread problem, and is therefore not planning any replacement program to solve the growing issue, as claimed by sources close to Apple’s internal repair network. The total number of affected MacBook Pros is unknown, though it is estimated to stand at about ten units per week. 


Users of early-2011 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pro models are reportedly suffering from systematic crashes and graphics failures, which are seemingly related to the laptops’ discrete AMD-built GPUs. The source notes that some “lower-tier Apple employees are aware of the situation”. However, multiple customers are reporting that Apple Store Geniuses in the U.S. and other countries are directing out-of-warranty customers to third-party repair companies.

“The total number of affected MacBook Pros is unknown, though one third-party service provider estimates recent repair intake for this specific problem stands at about ten laptops per week. Despite the case load, Apple is disinclined to take remedial action to curb incoming repairs, such as a replacement program. Known internally as a Quality Program, Apple’s takeback, replacement and exchange initiatives are only activated in the event of severe, widespread or potentially dangerous hardware failures.”

If you’re experiencing a similar issue and have contacted Apple regarding the issue, let us know how Apple responded to your repair request.


  • puffy03

    I had this exact issue about 6 months ago, brought it in, I mentioned to the genius that I read online about many people having the same issue , they replaced my logic board and I had to pay for it. One possible solution I found was to use the Gfxcardstatus app to force the computer to use the discrete graphics card. My crashed occurred once the integrated graphics kicked in. Hope this helps someone and I hope they issue a recall, I’d like to get that cash back 😉

  • Dan

    I’m still trying to figure out what to do. I got the failure a few months after the deadline. I wish I enabled ssh on it beforehand. It boots perfectly still but with no display.

  • Arcsvibe

    Man am I ever happy I listened to the Apple employee and bought my 2011 MB Air. I really hope Apple does the right thing and fixes this for free to all who have these issues.

  • Rickyscv

    Apple needs to bite the bullet and take responsibility for this. It makes people leery and very cautious when they are looking to buy a laptop and read how previous customers are not being looked after. Would make me think twice before dropping my very hard earned money on a supposed premium product. Apple can take the hit now or way more massively down the road as sales drop.

  • 0_o !?!

    they ask me to pay $599+tax to fix it…. -_- |||
    while i m waiting Apple to fix it free or i will just buy a new one once this one completely stop working.

  • ilouie

    I got this issue earlier this year. The problem is with the environmentally friendly solder that Apple uses on their GPU, which can’t sustain too much heat and starts to brittle and crack.

    Instead of having Apple fix it, I brought my computer to a local computer electrician and reballed my GPU with leaded solder for $175. It’s been working perfectly since.

  • Rockinr

    I have an early 2011 MacBook Pro that is experiencing all these issues as well as hard crashes. Battery charged 100%, screen goes completely black and computer crashes. Battery goes from 100% to 0% in a flash. Takes forever to restart as it thinks there is no juice. Happens every time I plug an external monitor into the TB Port. Just took it to Apple for the 2nd time in ten days. Told them I am sure it’s the Graphics Card/Motherboard. They tell me I’m out of warranty, Apple Care expired April 1. I said to them that it is all over the web that these early 2011 models are prone to failure. Provided documented proof. Will see what Apple does??